Submariner Day. Happy Holidays guys!

Submariner Day is celebrated in Russia. 106 years ago March 19, 1906, by order of the Navy Department Russian submarines were declared independent class warships. The holiday is celebrated in the country since 1996 in accordance with the order of the Commander in Chief of the Russian Navy.


A new category of ships — submarines — the classification of ships of the navy was included on the orders of Emperor Nicholas II. The same decree of the Russian fleet included ten submarines. The first of them — "Dolphin" — was built at the Baltic Shipyard in 1904.


Today submarines form the core of the naval strategic nuclear forces provide the potential defense. The main objectives of submariners connected with ensuring national sovereignty, freedom and independence of Russia, its defense against possible aggression. Submariners are deployed in the constant readiness to deliver a retaliatory strike.


Russian Navy replenished modern nuclear and diesel submarines with qualitatively new characteristics. In particular, the ITAR-TASS news agency in the Office of Press and Information of the Defense Ministry, a state program of armaments to 2020 planned purchase of ten strategic missile submarines of Project 955 "Borey". The first two such ships — "Yury Dolgoruky" and "Alexander Nevsky" — successfully complete the test. On the stocks in Severodvinsk are the third and fourth submarine cruisers — "Vladimir Monomakh" and "St. Nicholas." Is an active construction of advanced attack submarines of Project 885 "Yasen-M." Modernizing submarines were in service.


It is planned that the Black Sea Fleet until 2014 will receive 3 diesel submarines of Project 636 in 2015, another in 2016 — two more. Boats of this project are being built and laid in the Enterprise "Admiralty Shipyards" in St. Petersburg.


"Ministry of Defense, the General Command of the Navy will continue to pay great attention to the ship repair and modernization of submarines belonging to the Navy, — assured the representative of the fleet. — Until the end of 2012 JSC" Center of repair "Star" will give two Navy nuclear submarines. In July 2012 the Navy in combat will return to the modernization overhaul passed SSBN "Novomoskovsk" Project 667 BDRM. Currently, the submarine is taken out of the hangar and launched. Outfitting work is underway afloat. "


"In November 2012 re-enters the combat system SSBN" Verhoturie. "Achieved full recovery of its technical readiness. Conclusion of the boathouse will ship on March 24 launch — April 15. Transfer SSBN fleet is scheduled for November 2012, — the representative of the Navy . — In autumn 2012, following the performed average repair of the submarine forces of the return of diesel-electric submarine "Kaluga" (Project 877). conclusion of the boathouse and the launch is scheduled for the end of April 2012, the transfer of the Navy in November 2012. "


Today in Moscow the General Staff of the Navy, the Cultural Center of the Armed Forces and the museum and memorial complex history of the Navy will hold events to mark the Day of Submariner. Navy men, veterans of the Navy at the Central Museum of the Armed Forces will lay wreaths at the monument to the crews of submarine "Kursk" submarine and other victims.


Tribute to the sailors and shipbuilders who participated in the creation of the atomic submarine forces of the Fatherland, will give the Navy veterans today, students of educational institutions of the Navy, shipbuilders of St. Petersburg, reports ITAR-TASS news agency in the northern capital Lev Frolov. A solemn ceremony dedicated to the Day of Submariner, held at the memorial on the composition of Riga city avenue.


Celebration of the Day of the submariner, will be held today and the Pacific Fleet. At 08:00 local time, there will be a solemn ups ship flags and flags of colorization on submarines, built in parts of the Pacific Fleet Submarine Force. Happy sailors and veterans will lay a wreath at the Eternal Flame memorial "Battle Glory of the Pacific Fleet," which is set submarine S-56, who participated in the battles of the Great Patriotic War.


Ceremonies dedicated to the Day of Submariner, will be held at the Northern Fleet. In Murmansk, will lay wreaths at the memorial PLA "Komsomolets" and the monument to house the "Kursk". Will celebrate the Day of the submariner in the garrisons in the Arctic, Gadzhievo, Vidjaevo and Zaozersk. Central Square military parade held Gadzhievo garrison. There also will lay wreaths at the monument to the heroes of Severomorsk, the conquerors of the North Pole. In the Arctic will lay flowers at the monuments and war graves in the area of the memory and the cemetery Guba Sour.


Tribute to submariners will give sailors Russian Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol naval base in Novorossiysk.

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