Subsidence in Louisiana is threatening

Subsidence in Louisiana becomes threatening danger zone

Earthen funnel emerged last week in Louisiana, USA, continues to deepen, becoming real hard threat to businesses and residential areas that are next to it. Subsidence appeared in the forest, having to reach an area of 1395 m2. Funnel swallowed part of the road used by the forest services in forest clearing.

Two adjacent to the birthplace of the crater the settlement, there were 150 houses, were in full force evacuated to safety. While forecasts about when people allowed to return home and allow it at all, is not available. Businesses have expressed concern about their investments in projects near the site of the accident.

According to the results of ultrasound examination, the cause of subsidence could be a tank or a cave with salt water, which is located in the ground just in Louisiana. But why funnel appeared now, specific answers, scientists have not. On the surface of the hole was discovered a substance of unknown origin, resembling a mixture of soil and sand in strange proportions.

All concerned that in addition to settling in a small radius of the crater felt underground, pushing. Most likely, they appear at the time of release of gases from the underground cave.

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