Successful launch of a space rocket Proton-M satellites Kazsat-2 and SES-3

July 16 at 3.16 MSK from the launch complex area 200 Baikonur cosmodrome launch of a space rocket "Proton-M" with the upper stage "Breeze-M" and satellite "KazSat-2" (Republic of Kazakhstan), "OS-2" ("ECJ -3 ") (United States).
After separating from the third stage of the launch vehicle upper stage "Breeze-M" continues to satellite placement into orbit.

The contract for the use of the carrier rocket "Proton-M" to launch satellite "KazSat-2" and "OS-2" concluded the company International Launch Services Inc. (ILS). Controlling stake in the company owned by ILS Roscosmos — Federal State Unitary Enterprise "State Research and Production Space Center Khrunichev", which is a developer and manufacturer of "Proton" and the upper stage "Breeze-M" and SC "Kazsat."

Spacecraft KazSat-2 is designed to provide television broadcasting and transmission of data in a satellite communication system KazSat in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the countries of Central Asia and the central part of Russia, as well as to meet the needs of Kazakh satellite operators.

Spacecraft KazSat-2 is based on a unified space platform "Yacht" in the unpressurized performance and a modular design: the module unified space platform and payload module.

KazSat-2 belongs to the category of small satellites — the mass of the satellite is 1272 kg.

Service systems provide work space platform onboard repeater complex. The structure of service systems include:

• control system;
• telekomandnaya system;
• means of electricity;
• propulsion system;
• Housing (aggregate panels, power cylinder);
• solar panels;
• a means of separating the spacecraft and the transition of the system;
• means of thermal control.

The payload consists of:

• onboard repeater complex;
means to ensure thermal regimes MO;
• elements of the design;
• unit of electrical and data interface.

Features KazSat-2 spacecraft

Appointment of data transmission, broadcasting
Geostationary Orbit
Orbital 86,5 ° c. etc.
The operating company of JSC "Republican center of space communication" of the Republic Kazakhstan
The coverage area of Kazakhstan, Central Asia, the central part of Russia
General contractor Khrunichev. MV Khrunichev
Platform "Yacht"
SC mass 1272 kg
Orientation accuracy of 0.1 degrees
Positioning accuracy of ± 0,05 °
Solar Power 4500 W
Lifetime 12 years
Characteristics of the payload
The total number of active transponders 16
Standby 4
The number of active transponders fixed 12
TV 4
Frequencies MHz receiver 14000-14500
Transmitter 10950-11200, 11450-11700
The bandwidth of 54 MHz
Power Output 6 transponders 115
10 transponders 45
Q-factor of 5.3 dB / K
EIRP (TV / communications) 53.5 / 49 dBW
Polarization linear orthogonal
The number of antennas in Ku-band 1 (transmit / receive)
Weight 194 kg MO
Rated power PN? 1815 W
Press Service of the Russian Federal Space Agency

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