Successfully completed the installation of gravity base for the new platform, Berkut

Installation of gravity base for the new platform, "Berkut" project "Sakhalin-1" completed successfully, the press service of the company "ENL". Platform "Berkut" is designed to develop A-D, the third field of the project "Sakhalin-1". Its development will add to the total annual output of the project to 4.5 million tons of oil.

The platform under the name "Golden Eagle" is designed specifically for use in harsh sub-arctic conditions, and be able to withstand waves up to 18 meters, the pressure of the ice fields of thickness up to two meters and temperatures of up to -44 C °. It consists of a specially designed reinforced concrete GBS and topsides with the drilling and production equipment. Once the topsides will be installed on the CDP in 2013, the platform is "Berkut" will be the largest naval platform in Russia.

"The successful completion of the construction and installation of gravity base — an important step on the way to the start of production from the field is A-D, which is scheduled in 2014 — said Jim Flood, chairman of the board of directors’ ENL." — Outstanding performance indicators, as well as indicators for safety, according to the high qualification of our specialists to install offshore structures, as well as the successful cooperation with local port authorities and our Russian contractors to carry out the operation on maritime transport. " 
GBS was built in dry dock at the port of East Nakhodka. The total weight of the base of approximately 160,000 tons, which includes 52,000 cubic meters of concrete and 27,000 tons of reinforcing steel. Within two years, nearly 4,000 Russian specialists were employed in the construction of CDP, which was completed in two years.

After the completion of the CDP was towed to a distance of 1,024 miles, or 1,870 kilometers, from construction sites to mine A-D through Japan and Okhotsk Sea and the Strait of La Perouse. Towing took about two weeks at an average speed of 3.5 knots (about 5.5 km / h). For towing the base were involved five vessels, including three ocean tug-class command ship and supply vessel operations. 

GBS has been found on the seabed to its permanent location about 25 km from Sakhalin Island in a water depth of about 35 m for remote control of ballasting with support vessel in the absence of staff at the CDP. After the installation was carried out cementing, laying rock masses and join the field facilities of the project "Sakhalin-1".
To ensure the safety of transportation and fitting operations conducted the climatic data for previous years and selected the best weather window with the most favorable conditions for navigation.

Consortium "Sakhalin-1" includes the company "ENL" (operator, 30% interest), a subsidiary of Russian state-owned company "Rosneft", "RN-Astra" (8.5%) and "Sakhalinmorneftegaz — Shelf" (11.5%), Japanese consortium "Sakhalin Oil and Gas Development Co.. Ltd. "(30%), and Indian state-owned company" ONGC Videsh Ltd. "(20%).

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