SUEK launched in Kuzbass plant for utilization of coal mine methane


JSC "Siberian Coal Energy Company"(SUEK) Suppose that in a pilot operation at the mine "Komsomolets" (Kuzbass) new inpatient unit for utilization of methane — a joint project of the company and an international consortium of comets, the company said.

Methane is called Kuzbass (coal mining center of Russia) "enemy of the miners." A significant number of underground coal mining companies in the region are dangerous because of the sudden release of the gas. For a sharp reduction in methane in the mine atmosphere and reduce the probability of emission of methane explosions and regional authorities, together with the coal miners and gas companies have developed a range of measures to mine degasification and utilization of methane. According to the governor of Kuzbass Aman Tuleev, methane recovery will help improve safety in the mines, thus, will preserve the life and health of miners, and, in addition, will allow coal companies to get more revenue."In the management of drainage and utilization of methane — a service business of OJSC" SUEK-Kuzbass "- put into trial operation a new permanent installation for utilization of methane … To implement the project in 2011, the seventh framework program of the European Union (EU) has been allocated to the cash grant 802,000 euros, "- said in a statement.

It specifies that these funds acquired two flare gas recovery container and container thermal power plant installation capable of producing 0.4 MWh of electricity. Thus wells drilled for degassing coal array pumped to the surface with low gas and the high concentration of methane.

"Industrial trials have demonstrated the possibility of burning the mixture obtained in the experimental mini-power plants and, consequently, further extensive use of this technology for utilization of methane in the EU", — the report says.

The project of the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union (EU FP7) "Comet" (CMM: New solutions use, reducing greenhouse gas emissions) aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions caused by the uncontrolled release of methane into the atmosphere, as well as the definition of economically promising schemes for energy recovery CMM. Consortium "Comet" brings together researchers from Germany, Poland, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and the United Kingdom.

JSC "Siberian Coal Energy Company" (SUEK) — Russia’s largest coal association in terms of production. The company provides about 30% of the supply of coal in the domestic market and approximately 25% of Russian exports of thermal coal. Branches and subsidiaries of SUEK are located in the Kemerovo region, and in the Trans-Baikal, Krasnoyarsk, Primorsky and Khabarovsk regions, Buryatia and Khakassia.

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