SUN InBev Ukraine opened in Chernihiv complex of treatment facilities

As part of the "Better World" brewing company "SUN InBev Ukraine" opened in Chernihiv complex treatment facilities.

The equipment installed in the Chernigov branch of the brewery "Desna", will more thoroughly clean the drains. Wastewater Company will be treated with the technology company Paques (Netherlands), previously passed physical and chemical purification step. Protects the atmosphere from even getting into it smells — all surfaces of liquids will be closed and secured by controlled ventilation. The treated water will still be sent KP "Chernigovvodokanal." The need for its advanced treatment is not necessary.

Construction work on the construction of a water purification plant were carried out in record time, and won a total of nine months. Total investment in the project amounted to $ 10.7 million

"As a result of systemic action in the direction of" ecology "is constantly shrinking volumes of water use for the production of products, and minimizing the impact on the environment" — Chairman Chernihiv Regional State Administration Volodymyr Khomenko.

At the heart of this complex treatment facilities based on the principle of biological treatment. It occurs in anaerobic reactor due to the special activities of living microorganisms. Essential nutrients for them are nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur, and the product selection — biogas to be used as a regular source of energy for the needs of the enterprise. The use of biogas will reduce the consumption of methane boiler company (about 2-3 million cubic meters of biogas per day). The savings from replacing natural gas biological will be about 2.5 mln. year.

In addition to biogas in the use of sludge treatment plant is formed. Due to the content of plant nutrients substances it is a fertilizer for the soil and can be used for agriculture and landscaping lawns. At the moment, has already received proposals from two organizations wishing to acquire sludge treatment facilities Chernigov branch.

Also no longer need to pay for advanced treatment of wastewater.

Design capacity in terms of volume of wastewater allows you to "serve" a city of about 300,000 people — so much, for example, lives in Chernigov. And the amount of produced biogas can provide 15,000 gas ranges.

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