Sunbeam typhoon approaching Korea

Sunbeam typhoon approaching Korea Danger Zone

Most recently, one of the strongest typhoon of the season hit the Japanese island of Okinawa. Now the system keeps its way to the coast of South Korea. Wind, brought by typhoon, hurricane force was equivalent to the third category. Rainfall the island harboring the 25th mm or more rainfall per hour, which could not cause flooding of some areas of Okinawa.

At the moment, the typhoon is located 135 km from Busan South Korea and moving to the north at a speed of 17 knots. Observers recorded the maximum wave height of 11 meters. South Koreans with excitement and terror await second meeting typhoon Sunbeam to the mainland. Most likely, the first contact will occur in the southern edge of the Korean peninsula at the port Eosu and will include both rainfall of 300 mm per day, severe winds up to 137 km / h and high coastal waves. The number of evacuees may be close to 15 thousand people.

Motion More than 260 flights and 88 and ferries in South Korea have been suspended. About 2 thousand ships were forced to return back to the port. On the neighboring islands, which belong to the country, in many communities lost electricity and roads were in disrepair, in many places the traffic lights are not working, damaged or destroyed by commercial buildings. For days before San took the life of one resident of Japan and left without electricity for about 100,000 households.

Because of the Japanese. Kyushu is very close to this point, Japan may well get a second crop from rain Sunbeam. Meteorologists believe that the next typhoon will head to the northern shores of North Korea through the surrounding sea.

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