Knock on wood is one of the most ancient superstitions. More cavemen knew that when you come to knock on wood, it has tumbled down from the tree tasty food: apples, coconuts, bird houses … Knocked sturdy items that were on hand — stones, axes or head. Knocking on wood for a long time been the most popular way to get food. As long as someone did not think to knock on a mammoth. [Cut] spit three times over his shoulder. This is the way American Indians expelled from their land of evil spirits (later known as "Americans"). Indians spitting darts soaked in a deadly poison curare. One shot "pah-pah-pah" could pre-death spat three armed paleface. The groom can not see the bride before the wedding. Australian aborigines believed that if the groom sees the bride before the wedding — it will get rid of luck. And along with the groom. Keep a fig in the pocket. The tradition came to us from the East, where it was decided not to publicly display their fig. So nevermind kept in a special pocket of the fig, fig and women wore veils. During the public display of figs supposed to severe punishment — amputation of the whole figs nafig. Sit in front of the track. This belief was born in the Soviet era, when the KGB persistently tried to persuade the people leaving for permanent residence abroad — a little seating. Sitting, usually on bread and water, five to ten years. It was believed that after this long journey will be a happy and desirable. You sit on the corner — do not get married for seven years. This superstition came to us … However, it does not matter — because it is not working. Check for yourself. And lastly … Very bad sign … is to see the black monk, scattering salt directly on the broken mirror on a full moon on Friday the thirteenth. It’s hard to say exactly what will happen at the same time … After surviving witnesses yet. In general, my dear friends, I hope that before you leave the house today, you spat, knock, sat and looked in the mirror, holding a fig, amulets took … By the way, where the charms? I do believe, important — does not show it.)))

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