SUSU has launched an educational platform Virtual PC

New technologies in the South Ural State University. The university launched an educational program "Virtual Personal Computer". With its appearance computer classes in high school such as thing of the past.

Now for the training, the students do not need SUSU stationary personal computers with the software on each of them. All that is required — plug in a laptop, connect via Wi-Fi with the server and enter a personal password. Do lab work or to take the exam in higher mathematics is now possible from anywhere in the world. Leonid Sokolinsky, Dean of the Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Informatics SUSU, explains: "Students are wirelessly connected to a supercomputer, which is run for each of them his own personal virtual computer that stores all its documents, programs that need it during the training, teaching a variety of benefits. "

First the beauty of working with virtual desktops assessed students Department of Physics. These future engineers in their work should be able to correctly assess the life of the machine. Know when to break the engine, why, and most importantly — how to prevent it. The calculations that the guys are now producing in laboratory work will help in this. A program that provides high school, will make computing process easier and faster. "The Institute has decided to quite a new way to an old problem, — Alexander Shakirov, 4th year student of the Faculty of Physics. — It used to be engaged in such calculations, not every one of us could afford a fairly powerful computer. And the software itself, on which the calculations are made, it costs a lot of money — more than 30 thousand dollars. "


Recently installed at the university supercomputer "SKIF-Aurora" allows you to create more than 30 thousand of such personal virtual desktops. And in the future in the South Ural State University are planning on a par with each freshman student card and issue a password to login to your account. In addition, the management of the university is already in talks with Intel, so that future engineers were able to buy their own laptops at reasonable prices, and the manufacturing plant on credit.

Olga Pogorelov, Nina Pyreva

In good, and about the laptops to speak of domestic.

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