SVP Arctic started to transport passengers between

villages of Korf and Tilichiki

Hovercraft "Arctic" started to transport passengers between the villages of Korf and Tilichiki. This was announced by the Minister of Transport and Civil Engineering Kamchatka Yuri Zubar."Arctic" has already carried out a test flight between Corfu and the Tilichiki,— Said Yuri Zubar. —Together with the district authorities, we worked the route, calculate the time. From Tilichiki airport within 7 minutes. "


According to him, to date, approved the subsidized tariff for the transportation of passengers."Passengers ride will cost about 150 rubles at economically reasonable rate of about 850 rubles. About 700 rubles will be subsidized from the regional budget, "— explainedYuri Zubar.

He noted that the "Arctic" will run between the villages of Korf and Tilichiki on a permanent basis."I believe that the" Arctic "should remain on the route permanently in summer passenger ships that would carry out transport between the airport and the village of Tilichiki here, and in winter conditions, these vessels have proven themselves in a positive way"-said the minister.

It is planned that the flights will be operated daily, morning and evening transportation for airport employees, as well as for the arrival of each flight.

Recall develop transport links between the airport closed and the village of Corfe village Tilichiki Olyutorsky district demanded Governor of KamchatkaVladimir Ilyukhin. This instructed the Ministry of Transport and Road Construction edge and led Olyutorsky areaVladimir Ilyukhinmade during a trip to the Koryak Okrug.

On the territory of Corfu, which is on the sea spit is an active airport, providing flights between the regional capital, and Olutorskiy Penzhinskaya areas. Difficulties in delivering passengers and cargo from the airport to the nearby village of Tilichiki occurred regularly.

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