SWAT Kirov region got a new training facility

The new basis of a special rapid reaction unit (SWAT) AMIA Russia’s Kirov region commissioned with the support of the regional government. Congratulate the riot police arrived on May 4 Governor of NY White and Chief Federal Inspector in the Kirov region FI Yusupov.

As the press service of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in charge now all modern building requirements for almost 15 years, stood abandoned. At the expense of the regional budget in 2010-2011 Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Kirov Region conducted work on the overhaul. Developed more than 15 million rubles. Equipped with a firing range of 25 meters in length, the gym area of 300 square meters, police control, service rooms, locker room, psychological relief, medical office and other activities necessary to ensure SWAT premises.

The Governor expressed his confidence that the new training base will improve the quality of training, become more professional and strong staff. "You combines the professionalism and self-discipline, continuous efforts to improve the level of training. I know that your demanding job requires the highest concentration and total commitment. With the increased risk and danger you never lose self-control and accomplish the task in front of you, "- said the head of the region.

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