Sweden has started to eliminate the use of the words He and She

The sensation was the introduction of the Swedish school Egalia into use pronouns hen, superseding the traditional "he» (han) and "it» (hon).

The word spread, and has recently been reported in the online version of the national encyclopedia. Gradually begin to use it and Swedish media, notes Zelt.

For example, a lineman who calls in Egalia, to repair electrical wiring, called the hen, the children did not think fixer — exclusively male profession. In kindergarten, there are no books to traditional tales, which also impose boys and girls stereotypes about princes and princesses. It is the same with toys: dolls at a school there, but there is a married couple male giraffes, which adopted the alleged baby crocodile.

Some met with hostility by the introduction of hen, for example, a sociologist and expert on equality Elise Claeson believes that a neutral race would only confuse children who are well aware of the difference between boys and girls. And some disgruntled even write anonymous letters to Egalia criticism and threats.

Egalia — the most equitable preparatory school in Sweden, which also causes a lot of discussion in the community. Its purpose — to bring the children a neutral attitude to the floor, do not take root in the minds of their gender stereotypes. The idea originated and was supported by the government in 1998. Its author was the teacher Rayalin Lotta from Stockholm, who filmed himself and his colleagues at work and found that girls and boys are treated differently, forming in children gendered patterns of behavior. According to the study, all the boys unconsciously give more freedom and at the same time pay more attention.

Egalia opened only in 2010 — twelve years after the commencement of the research. Now it is the most well-known preparatory school in the country.


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