Sweden has the strongest desire to recycle garbage

Sweden has the strongest desire to recycle garbage Facts

Sweden lacks the waste to fully load their refineries. Therefore, the country must import recyclables from their neighbors. Such a huge success was achieved thanks to the Swedes thought out and well-coordinated system of waste management, where 36% of garbage are recyclable materials, 14% are converted into compost, 49% incinerated. According to the latest figure from the European countries Sweden is second only to Denmark, where about 54% of burnt debris. Only 1% of Swedish waste goes to landfill. In comparison, the European average — 38%.

Burning garbage in special furnaces, the Swedes are an additional source of energy. These ovens provide up to 20% of heat supply for the Swedish cities (810 thousand apartments) and electricity supply 250,000 households. Sweden itself annually produces about 2 million tons of waste from Europe imported 800 thousand tons per year, basically, this garbage from neighboring Norway. This musoroobmen highly beneficial for both countries, as Norway avoids costly procedure of burning, and Sweden gets extra energy and heat, as well as the rating of the European refining leader.
Back in 1980, in Sweden, the program works to reduce household and other waste. The volume of waste in the country has since declined by almost 90%. HCI emissions decreased from 8400 tons to 60 tons (2007 data), the emissions of sulfur oxides that cause acid rain from 3400 tons to 196 tons, lead to 25,000 kg to 51 kg. While the country is committed to further reduce emissions of nitrogen oxide, activating the greenhouse effect, since the year 2007 has reduced the volume of gas to only 2,100 tons from 3,400 tons in 1985.
Of course, the process of combustion, in which there are hundreds of chemical reactions of different nature, can not be considered completely harmless and should be improved in the future, the technology to make it safer for the environment.

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