Swine flu, AIDS — a global hoax?

Here is the text of Article Luigi De Marchi, an Italian scholar of the AIDS virus, and that it was preceded by "swine flu."

The existence of HIV-AIDS was transformed into a "scientifically proven" in the United States about 1980. After that, there are many articles on the subject. But even then, scientists have said that still need to inspect and review …

Finally, on the infamous trough, called the "fight against AIDS," a blow to the political camp! South African President Thabo Mbeki has supported an honest American scientist Peter Duesberg, who is ten years proving to the world that AIDS is not. Mbeki invited Duesberg’s work in South Africa to counter the impudent interference of the World Health Organization (WHO), which states that 10% of South Africans are infected with HIV. The figures are taken from the ceiling. But beneath these figures "knocked out" a lot of money. [Cut]

Since the "discovery" of AIDS, the U.S. government has spent his $ 50 billion. Two billion dollars a year is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the offices of which was born the myth — AIDS.

In 1981, an American physician Gottlieb coined the term "acquired immunodeficiency syndrome", abbreviated AIDS (AIDS in English). Gottlieb introduced it, watching five patients who are homosexual. All five of them were drug addicts and actively used the opium preparations.

All five of them were sick with pneumonia with a pronounced impairment of the immune system. What does the epidemic? But, it appears, at first about any epidemic and it did not go! Gottlieb and other doctors have used the term as a symptom. For example, said that the course of tuberculosis in a patient followed by AIDS, ie, impairment of the immune system. It’s the same thing as saying: "the flu is accompanied by high fever." But there is no such epidemic — a "high temperature"!

It was not until the study Gottlieb not lay on a table to his superiors at the very center of disease control and prevention. Center, just at the moment roughly punctured on the so-called "swine flu." It’s a different story, but in short it is also worth mentioning. In 1976, the board of directors of the Center said that a new virus — "swine flu", which will soon begin to mow the Americans left and right. Under the money is running out for the production of vaccines and vaccination starts total. 50 million Americans have time to get vaccinated, but suddenly it turns out that there is no virus, and the vaccine has a powerful side effect, from which thousands of people get severe nerve damage and paralysis. About $ 100 million the state has paid for legal claims.

Prokolovshis with the "swine flu", Center grasped with both hands for AIDS. We quickly found a virus that is "likely" the cause of AIDS, and called it a "virus acquired immune deficiency" (abbreviated as HIV). Created the technology of HIV testing. And off we go "production" of AIDS! And funding — 2000000000 "green" in the year!

Many honest scientists is blatant quackery caused outrage. They argued that there is no virus that test only records the presence of antibodies in the body. Test gives a positive result (ie, detects the "virus") in tuberculosis, pneumonia, rheumatism, multiple sclerosis and two dozen diseases, as well as after vaccination and blood transfusion. That is, interference with normal operation of the body. To this intervention the body responds the production of antibodies that detect and HIV test. Think about this nonsense: more than a million people who have tested positive for HIV 15 years ago, has not yet been any ill with AIDS, and vice versa, one and a half million patients doctors would be happy to solder all the symptoms of AIDS, but that’s only HIV test does not show!

Hungarian physician Antal Mack said in an interview that is called the nail on the head: "The majority of people diagnosed with AIDS are not based on virus isolation, and on the decision of the World Health Organization to rank him such clinical symptoms as weight loss, chronic diarrhea and constant fever. " But the most recent data published in a prestigious British medical journal "The Lanse." Japanese doctors working in Ghana, was tested for HIV 227 Africans who were previously recognized AIDS patients on the basis of those same three symptoms. In more than half of HIV is not found!

Now we know where in Africa do these millions of "AIDS", the 10 or 20 percent! Diarrhea, weight loss, fever? — Forward march of testing! To be HIV positive?

— Cheers, ill! Next!

The World Health Organization this trough sucked hard, do not tear off. At a conference in Tokyo, its representatives have complained that funding has decreased from $ 90 million to just 70.

But it is necessary to help poor countries lacking. On what do you think, these millions are spent? Mainly on … condoms!

So, millions of Africans are sick, dying of malaria, tuberculosis, and a bouquet of diseases associated with poor sanitation, hunger, sverhzharkim climate, that is, with the deplorable living conditions. Previously I was a special term "disease of poverty". But we want to make sure that in actual fact they are sick and dying of a mysterious epidemic invincible, escape from which is possible only with a condom. And that means, no need to send food and medicine from the public diseases do not need to vaccinate against tuberculosis, do not need to cook the local medical staff and establish a system of health care in general, and the need to send billions (!) Rubber caps in bright packages.

Do not mind the mythical "AIDS", directed by this policy. Pursued another goal — reducing the population, so as not black wave washed over the "civilized" world. Two birds are killed with one blow: the birth rate decreases and the death rate from tuberculosis of the same and other "diseases of poverty" "safely" is growing. Now the same technology is fulfilled by Russia …

Politics and economics then woven into a coherent whole. There are vested interests of powerful bureaucratic and commercial structures and have common political interests of the West. And, also, in the long term AIDS — it is an effective tool of social control. After all, anyone can be brought under diagnosed, and then forced treatment, isolation, death. So the "punitive psychiatry" resting compared to those totalitarian pleasures that you can expect from the "AIDS."

But again, back from politics to economics. It is clear that the fight against AIDS and condom manufacturers applaud him. But there are more successful in this business. For example, the pharmaceutical company Burroughs Wellcome, which produces a cure for AIDS — AZT, also known as "Retrovir".

This is a very interesting drug. HIV was discovered in 1984, and in 1986, the company states that the drug is found, and in 1987 it goes on sale. It’s simple: AZT was developed in the 70s to fight cancer. But it turned out that a highly toxic AZT kills faster than cancer, and in the sale, he did not hit. And now it was decided to find out who is the fastest kills — AZT or AIDS, and at the same time to "discourage" the funds invested in the development.

Massachusetts General Hospital received 140,000 dollars for information on 19 patients who were allegedly saved the new facility. And doctors have confirmed "the efficacy of" AZT, are subsidized by the company, are vitally interested in the marketing of the drug.

Duesberg (see beginning of article) states that 10 to 50 thousand people died not of AIDS, and from taking AZT. This superfunds "wets" all cells indiscriminately, in the first place — the intestines and bone marrow. Concord Research Center published the data on which it appeared that taking AZT do not live longer than those who did not accept. Shortly after the publication of the chief statistician who prepared the material, hit by a truck.

Another large social group, which is desperately needed AIDS — homosexuals. Not an ordinary rag-tag, of course, and all sorts of bureaucrats from homosexuality, to earn "a terrible AIDS." During the AIDS conference in Berlin, a group of gay men beaten researcher Jane Chantonnay, who shot the film, proving that there is no AIDS in Africa. Hotel and the train company paid hooligans Burroughs Wellcome.

Another interested category — drug dealers. If the immune system is destroyed because of a virus, then the trouble is in the syringes as a means of transmission of the virus. This idea is inspired unobtrusively. Kolis clean needles and avoid AIDS. No need to be a scientist, you need to have at least one friend "addict" to understand that this is nonsense. Heroin without "AIDS" destroys the immune system, though kolis sverhsterilnym syringe.

The fight against AIDS — is an example of a typical grand swindle, which thrives in the modern world. A huge role in this, as in any other large-scale swindling, play media. The point of view of honest scientists recognized in the short-run scientific collections, in some university a newspaper or broadcast. While generously paid false "official" propaganda is conducted on a global scale.

Remember how AIDS was prescribed in Russia? In 1988, due to the negligence of doctors allegedly infected children in Elista, Petrograd, Rostov-on-Don. Many well-known specialists then expressed regret. Even the "Medical Newspaper" wrote that most likely, it’s not AIDS, and was made "unjustified redundancy in the conduct of drug therapy in transfusion", which led to a positive response to HIV. But on a serious article accounted tons of "proSPIDovskoy" propaganda.

And finally, this giant cycle of lies have another ally — the stupid, greedy and cowardly humanity. Author of the book on AIDS, Dr. John Lawrence writes: "Many scientists know the truth about AIDS. But there is a huge financial interest, are billions of transactions, a thriving business that is associated with AIDS. So scientists are silent, extracting benefits for themselves and contributing to the prosperity of the business. "

So is this stupid world. Truth does not need even to scientists. Such a global obscurantism, built on a commercial basis, does not know "Dark Ages."

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