Synergy-1 — a new diagnostic system of the Moscow metro (lots of pics)

photo by Alexander Popov Russos

Actively expand the subway network, the extension of existing lines and construction of new necessitated the development and implementation of modern diagnostic facilities underground way to improve the reliability of the main transport system of the city and the safety of passengers. To do this, commissioned by the Moscow Metro was created a unique set of diagnostic laboratory "Synergy-1", which will house all the necessary equipment to diagnose the state of track facilities.

August 8, 2013, the first work of the diagnostic check of the car "Synergy-1", in which they were surveyed condition of the track at the Sokolniki line. 

From April 2013 a new diagnostic system "Synergy-1", went on electrodepot "Presnya" passes test operation, which is scheduled to be completed by September 1. As part of the pilot operation of diagnostic equipment of the car in July 2013 passed the test of infrared thermography — a device that determines the thermal state of the entire apparatus placed in the tunnels underground. Currently, the decision about the possibility of continuous use of infrared thermography as part of the diagnostic equipment wagon laboratory.

In contrast to already existing in the underground car-puteizmeritelya, a new diagnostic system checks not only the geometric parameters of rail track, but also produces ultrasonic inspection of rails for the detection of all types of defects and damage, check the dimensions of various equipment located in the metro tunnels in including the size and temperature of the contact rail. In addition, the new "lab on wheels" is equipped with video monitoring system to enable a visual diagnostics of all equipment and buildings underground tunnels.

The diagnostic complex "Synergy-1" — the only Russian car-laboratory, which allows control of all objects of railway infrastructure underground.

"The All-Seeing Eye" underground city

New red-and yellow car, hung with video cameras and powerful LED lights, different from their blue "brothers" is not only an unusual appearance. Inside, instead of the usual shops, trimmed kozhzamom — long tables, powerful computers, office chairs with wheels and a lot of complicated equipment. Looks like a modern hi-tech laboratory.

— This laboratory is — grins chief diagnostic complex "Synergy-1" Mikhail Starostin. — The car is equipped with systems capable to detect any defect: cracks in the rail, changing the geometry of the tract "drawdown" tunnel and more. Previously used for these purposes three different complex. The same can not solve all problems.

Arsenal "Synergy" inspires. On the front side of the car is placed is unparalleled in the world of laser scanner. While driving along the route he "feels" the rays of the surroundings and instantly transmits the operator inside the complex detailed picture. With this scanner you can calculate where arch sags, or where there is a risk of leakage.

Under the bottom of the car mounted device that using ultrasound can detect in the rails even the tiniest defect. In addition, the "Synergy" is equipped with thermal imager capable of heating the entire machinery of track tunnel and a few powerful cameras for close visual observation of the ways and the cable network.

— To cope with all this equipment one can not afford, — says deputy head of the service road Sergey Baranov. — The crew of the flaw detector car — 11 people, as a football team. They track the testimony of various devices on the screen. All readings are recorded electronically. Once a problem is detected, the experts immediately report it to the person responsible for that section of the line. And he makes a decision on the involvement of repair crews.

Moves "Synergy" on conventional tunnels, the total flow of passenger trains. Precision instrument covers all the necessary measurements without sacrificing speed. Pull the laboratory through the tunnel four standard metrovagona, so sometimes the townspeople stations confused composition with a passenger.

We’re going for the "red" branch — from the "Frunze" to "South West". The composition of the stations just slows but does not stop. Citizens curiously look askance at a fancy car, all kinds of flashing lights, and take it off for the camera mobiles. This technique in the subway while in wonder. "Synergy" there is only one, and is now undergoing pilot testing. However, even a complex one has time for a month twice scrutinize every line of the metro.

— Tests are planning to complete by September, — says Mikhail Starostin. — I do not think we need a lot of these laboratories, especially as they are not cheap — about 85 million rubles per car. But they do not need much. First, there are the older versions, and secondly — the performance of "Synergy" allows you to work for three. But the metro will expand and will probably be decided on the purchase of new systems.

"Synergy" goes the route in 20 minutes. Serious defects in the equipment does not show — only in one section of a couple of millimeters extended track. Specialists say that it is within the margin of error. Serious problems, such as a large crack in the rail or subsidence set in the "underground" luckily it was not long ago.

According to employees of Metro, the new complex still need to bring to mind. But a promising technology already interested abroad.

Next — a report by Alexander Popov Russos

Since April, the Moscow Metro are testing a new diagnostic system "Synergy-1", which is a flaw, and putemerom dimensional wagon. How it works and what’s inside — look in my reporting.

1. Trial operation of the complex began in April of this year in the depot "Presnya."

2. Since there is such an opportunity, let’s take a little walk on the depot.

3. There have already been living Rusychi.


5. Just like any other moving part, it needs maintenance.

6. Very secret arrangement of equipment.





11. And, of course, have to wash cars.

12. Suddenly — room. Yes, this is a new diagnostic system.

13. Because of the weight of the diagnostic laboratory in the five — motor cars, ie length of — six cars.

14. When I was little, I dreamed that I would be a special train, which scans the tunnels and provides a map of all the workings surrounded by many meters around. Dreams do come true :) Of cour
se, not many meters, but the laser sensor is removed and the tunnel clearance equipment.

15. Synergy (from the Greek???? — Cooperation, support, assistance, participation, complicity, from the Greek.?? — Together, Greek.??? — Business, labor, work, (possibly) the action ) — summarizing the effect of the interaction of two or more factors, characterized by the fact that their effect is much greater than the effect of each individual component in the form of a simple sum.

16. Video camera surveillance. On the sides of four of them. For each truck — two, and two more will be installed on the roof. Two chamber Powerrail.

17. Special putimernaya cart.

18. The bracket is attached reflective element and the sensor is located on top — a measuring range of temperature the contact rail.

19. Red light is used in order not to make the illumination of the cells.

20. Additional trolley putimernyh works. Wagon 81-714 № 7638 on the basis of TVEMA. But the truck that from another car? Number on it — 5005.

21. Office on wheels. Of course, this intricate complex, but from the outside it’s just computers.

22. The result of the 3D-scanner. Already several years ago in Metro installed new sensors picket marks, and now it is a common coordinate space. All measurements are tied to the pickets to the nearest millimeter and synchronized with each other.

23. Visual inspection. All data is written, and then they can be called from the archive and see.

24. The work of the scanner in real time.

25. An extraordinary view of the station.

26. Special camera for contact rail. From the survey has high sensitivity and quality. In general, the measurements can be made to a speed of 60 kilometers per hour.

27. The view from the rear of the cab.

28. Dead ends in the South-West.

29. Despite the announcement that there is no landing, passengers are still crammed into the car.

30. Let’s go to the mountains Vorobyov.

31. They are the most.

32. Double-track section. Typically, the speed of line — 50. The arrows — no more than 25 because of the additional carts. But since all the stations it passes in transit, the schedule is not disrupted.

33. Library named. Lenin.

34. Bridge over Yauza.

35. So on a 3D-scanner looks reserve for the continued construction of Sokolniki line towards Schelkovskaya.

36. CHerkizovskaja.

37. Deadlocks for Podbelskogo Street station.

38. View of the outer chamber.

39. On average, the line is brought about 100 gigabytes of material.

40. On the complex there are two locomotive crews. They go only to him.

41. Double-track section — border caisson and deep foundations.

42. Next on Frunze NE left the ring.

43. Belarusian station. The train at the depot, and I further afield for work.

Many thanks to the press service of the Moscow metro and the staff of the measurement equipment for the organization of shooting.

The bonus video.

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