Syria: Battle for Eurasia


This small Middle Eastern country has suddenly become a major sore point of the planet. Continuously meets the UN. Firm position were occupied by China and Russia. Detachment of our warships with marines headed for the Mediterranean with stops in Syria. U.S. gives 'rebels' new $ 15 million. Really high in the air war?

— What is so "annoy" Little Syria powerful West? — I ask the director of the Center for Russian Studies of the Moscow Humanitarian University Andrew Fursovo.


— Everything. Let's go in order — from small to large, from regional to global. In the hands, the Middle East in general and in the fight against the Americans and Sunni monarchies (Saudi Arabia, Qatar) against Shiite Iran, the country — not just an ally of Tehran, but the link connecting it to the Shiite factions in the Arab world. Without such a link Iran's influence in the Arab world significantly reduced. I'm not talking about what is going on in Syria oil pipeline from Iran. Without a solution to the Syrian issue Anglo-Saxons, that is, the British and the Americans can not risen to Iran.

The Syrian regime, in fact, the only strong secular regime in the Arab world. The fact that he's a strong, irritating Atlanticist with their plans to the Middle East and global restructuring. The fact that the secular and economically successful — the rulers of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

—  They say this is the first war for gas.

—  In the southern Mediterranean gas fields discovered — at sea and on Syrian territory (Kara). How large reserves of hard to say, but they are. Qatar exports liquefied gas. Tankers. If the Assad regime collapses, Qatar, as a reward will be transported "blue fuel" directly from the Mediterranean coast in the territory of Syria. This is at least double the volume of its exports and at the same time complicate Iranian exports. Strengthening of Qatar in the gas market worsens the position of Russia. Well, if the Americans succeed to control the Algerian gas, it is fraught with the blockade of the Russian oil and gas exports. So the economic interest of Qatar turns geopolitical interest of the United States in their efforts to weaken Russia. That she has not risen.

— So Andrei Ilyich, the Yankees in Syria beaten by "Gazprom our home?"

— The Anglo-Saxons — Global billiard players, they work on the principle of "more balls in the hole" (what they need to learn). "Controllability chaotic" Greater Middle East at the same time cuts off oil and gas in China, and the Chinese part of Eurasia — from Western Europe. Control of Middle Eastern gas and oil means the U.S. control over Europe, especially Western. Which largely contribute to the weakening of the Russian Federation and its positions. Well, if Europe will not like it, you can recoil on it with a club or have a debt crisis the Arab-African excitement — well-fed burgher not find it.

This logic (although not only by it) and is defined Drang nach Osten North Atlantic tops the Arab world: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya. Dotopali to Syria … But on the Syrian patch Atlantists faced with a global power, comparable to them in economic and military terms, but a civilization. This is China, with its Drang nach Westen. His Drang — a sort of crusade for "resource peasant coat." Pakistan is in the zone of influence of China. With the Afghan Taliban from the Chinese long-standing relationship. Iran — also an ally, though specific. South of Iraq in fact control the Shiite allies of Iran. Geostrategic and even geoeconomically China is here, not only in the waters of the Indian Ocean, but the Atlantic (Mediterranean coast of Syria.) Objectively, the Western Crusaders in Syria ran into a Chinese wall.

First Anglo-American-Jewish elite, formed in the last century and became the organizational and historical achievement of the West, faced with global adversary non-western type (Soviet elite and the implementation of the western Soviet Union were also left the project, the Jacobin Moderna). In addition, the western segment of the Jewish elite, affording it the antiquity and historical experience, is opposed, however, and perhaps more ancient Chinese segment. Is also very focused on the financial, trade and money. And it is very excitable, having its global criminal system.

— China will be the Italian Mafia abruptly!

— On the foreign exchange reserves of China as a formidable financial weapons I'm not talking.

Beijing knows that Syria — just another point in the direction of the main attack severoatlantistov — "drop" China, to drive him to the limits of the Middle Kingdom, to cut off from sources of raw materials and stifle technology. Hence — the tough stance of Beijing on Syria at the UN.

— And the position of Moscow? Why is it different than on Libya.

— First, today we have another president. Secondly, the story of Gaddafi, I think a lot of our leadership clarified. Third, we have a naval base in Tartus. Fourth, Syria serious interest of our military-industrial complex, and the economic interest — is sacred to the Russian leadership. Fifth, Syria is much closer to our borders and to the post-Soviet space than Libya. All this and determined the position of Moscow that its nuclear potential and diplomatic reinforced the position of China. Alone, our country can not stand.

Of course, the Anglo-Saxons can not care for our veto in the UN, the very UN and international law, which they offer at all cancel. But that's the intention. And as Stalin said, the logic of the circumstances stronger than the logic intentions. These circumstances — Russia and China, causing fury Atlantists Klintonshu enough to listen and look at her facial expressions.

— However, despite the tough stance of Moscow and Beijing, the West is in retreat. Why?

— First, not in the historical tradition of the Anglo-Saxons to release prey, which they seized a bulldog. Will press against the stop until they achieve their own, or until the opponent will not break their jaw. Secondly, in the last 25-30 years, the Anglo-Saxons, defeating the Soviet elite (which is the top — she surrendered) oborzeli. Used, that all rents and Russia hope to put the squeeze on our top which keeps their money in Western banks. Third, and this is the main reason outweighs the rest are too high rates, is at stake — the fate of the North Atlantic elites themselves, and not just hydrocarbons or the Middle East. The West does another sequel, players would say, but to press on. The essence as follows. Today, the United States, in spite of all material and information potential of this vast machine, operated by experienced supranational geokonstruktorami and geo-engineering, are experiencing serious overstretch. «Nihil dat fortuna mancipio» — fate does nothing forever! Time passes America. To delay the terminal decline, she needed a break. Not by chance in a new military doctrine, which was announced by Obama January 5, 2012, we are talking about the United States is not ready for the two wars at the same time, as before, but to one plus indirect actions in several regions. You also need to take into account that, in preparation for a fight with China, Americans and 60% of their "military capabilities" being moved to the Pacific region, in the eastern Pacific. Not by chance in «Foreign Affairs» — magazine of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), one of the most influential American institutions world class, there are articles that explicitly states: the United States needed a break "in order to focus on rebuilding the foundations of national prosperity." America today resembles the Roman Empire of Trajan's time (the beginning of II century AD.). Then, from the strategic offensive Rome moved to strategic defense, began to build a protective embankments and leave some of the conquered territories — especially from the Middle East.

— The analogy is straight. U.S. promises to withdraw from Afghanistan and Iraq.

—  The results of the NATO summit in Chicago on 20-21 May 2012 revealed that in the literal sense, neither the United States nor NATO in the Middle East, Afghanistan will never go away — not to come. However, they will have to "go" in their service, the change management model. To not have taken place competitors: the European Union, but especially China. Hence, a new model of management: controlled chaos. The best candidate to create and maintain in the Muslim world than the Islamists, "chain the dogs of globalization-up", no. And here we see how the Middle East, especially in its key country of Egypt as a result of the so-called "Arab Spring" came to power just the Islamists. More precisely, it is clearing the way. But along the way a stumbling block to the Anglo-Saxons were two countries where Islamists are either not strong or is not active. Libya and Syria. Libya has already destroyed by the barbaric aggression of NATO, and Syria today is under siege. Its army is fighting against international terrorism, sent as it should be, puppeteers — Anglo-American top.

The real face of the "Friends of Syria"

— Let Andrei Ilyich! The Western media have reported that the Assad regime against the people stood up. Rebels — Syrians had deserted from the army.

— Then, they are the Western media — or rather, the stench (media advertising, promotion and misinformation). They perform the function of a purely military information, psychohistorical war. The "Syrian rebels" — modern precision weapons, anti-tank, thermal imagers, great sniper rifles and much more, mainly — made in Turkey. Is it too bold for deserters and fugitives? But most importantly — the very organization of the fighting. Since the end of June the situation in Syria has changed drastically. Assad has faced a highly professional staff of planners culture of fighting, which is not capable of deserters Kapitanskoy major's level, from hassling Syrian Army "rebels" have moved to the tactics of a massive strike forces, apparently, 25-30-strong contingent. Adventure — come from Libya, Tunisia, Afghanistan and other Muslim countries. By the way, transfer them to Syria decides for the West and the Sunni monarchies important issue. After all, this combustible material must somehow and somewhere to occupy. Work these guys do not, and can become rabid dog bite a host. Along with professional mercenaries, international terrorists against government forces continue to operate in the Syrian gangster clans, which cut their own neighbors, and blamed on the Assad regime.

The Syrian situation with clear glass revealed the simple fact of international terrorism, which allegedly are fighting the U.S. — it is their instrument, created by them on a "struggle Nanai boy with a bear." In Libya, the Atlanticist solved the problem of al-Qaeda. In Syria brings Islamist militant Abdel Hakim Belhadj, who commanded the Libyan "rebels". The most powerful military in Tripoli, long associated with the same Al-Qaeda. It is believed that it protects Qatar. Al-Qaeda — a very handy tool for U.S. and British intelligence services. When necessary, you can blow up their twin towers, and lay the blame on the organization and bin Laden. And when you need to — you can merge in ecstasy with her against Gaddafi and Assad. Now al-Qaeda — is good, as would say our priest Habakkuk, "isho yesterday was blyadina son, and Toper's father».

Do not be fool to let us down: the Syrians are not fighting with the Syrians, and the Anglo-American elites, leading the fighting hands of international terrorists. They operate in Syria in the same way as, for example, Negroponte death squads in Guatemala. "Friends of Syria" (they — formerly the "Friends of Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya," in the long term — the "Friends of Russia" with combined-type monster from the movie "Something" face Brzezinski and Albright), are themselves a major international terrorist. I really hope that in the end they and their associates (including from The Hague) is waiting for his Nuremberg. Many in the West just write about the similarities attack Bush on Iraq and Afghanistan with Hitler's attack on Poland, the Netherlands and France. The only question is, will the last frontier of Syria before the new — not of the world, and the global war. Sooner or later the criminalization of the political behavior of Western tops lead down to.
— U.S. actually fell short of the recent terrorist attack in Damascus that killed senior representatives of Syria.

— Yes, among those killed Defense Minister Daoud Rajhi, head of military intelligence Asef Shawkat, head of the crisis committee Hassan Turkmani — very close to the Assad people, his support. Such action (I do not believe that her organization has done without employees of Western intelligence agencies) should be expected. Bashar al-Assad keeps hitting, it did not break the 15 months of pressure tops of the North Atlantic, so they headed for the physical destruction of the Syrian leader and his entourage. The expectation is that in the case of leaving Assad his regime will collapse. True to this settlement — a separate issue. This is important: Western elites after the assassination of Gaddafi openly and frankly on the path of physical destruction of those leaders who interfere with their plans, ie the path of terror. And if against Milosevic and Saddam Hussein were arranged farcical courts, then Gaddafi was killed in a gang, "purely specific" manner, not hiding joyous "wow" about it. And what about the scene at the White House in May last year, when the U.S. government publicly gathered in front of screen to see how they will kill "bin Laden." To what extent and brutality of moral degradation to walk to, like a medieval mob wild, staring at the slain, and savor it. Western elite behave as a real global organized crime groups, not even hiding it. Acting on the principle of "you are guilty because I want to eat." Thus, the recent pro-American French president Sarkozy (klikuha: Sarkol'American, ie Sarko-American) directly threatened Syrian Christians supporting Assad (Syria them in 10% of the population) that after the overthrow of Assad will be cut. And already cut. Moreover, not only Christians, but also Druze, Alawites, members of the ruling in 1963, the Baath Party. But the great slaughter begins, if the West will be able to topple the Assad regime. And this is possible only in the case of foreign military intervention.

—  Do you think it will go to the West?

— This question should be set global organized crime groups with "raspberries" in Washington, New York, London and Brussels. We can only weigh options. The only military settlement at NATO troops on Turkey, which dreams of dismemberment of Syria into 4-6 pieces and control over half of them, coming to something similar to the former Ottoman Empire. However, such a war for Turkey, given the position of Russia, China, Iran, plus the Kurdish question — dumb thing even when the military-technical assistance from NATO. And Syria is not slabachok. Rather, it can be assumed the continuation of this war, when the West will try to put the squeeze on Syria arms of mercenaries, combining tactics pooping and massive strikes and trying to physically destroy Assad. United States and Britain have invested too much in the destruction of the Syrian regime and desist only when a threat of unacceptable price of victory.
— And they really put a lot?

— Yes. And financially and organizationally. Back in 2006, launched the program "Democracy in Syria," the alleged distribution alone grants of $ 5 million in 2009, "Council for Democracy" that distributes grants "democratizers" in those countries, which tend to weaken the United States, has received from the State Department $ 6.3 million for the implementation of programs related to Syria "initiative to strengthen civil society" (presumably, the Anglo-Saxons believed that by killing mercenaries hands of Syrian women and children, they are building a civil society there.) "The Syrian Business Forum" — essentially fund disposing of at least $ 300 million Half of this amount goes to the contents of the so-called Free Syrian Army. An active role in the financing of antiasadovskih forces play in Saudi Arabia and Qatar have signed about a secret agreement. The behavior of the Saudi and Qatari Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Thani Dzhassemaal — clear evidence of the West Block and the Salafis. It was staged in Qatar filmed movies about fighting in Tripoli and Damascus, when they were not there yet. And it paid the government assault on Tripoli and sent back 6000th contingent of Arab rabble dressed in Qatari form. By the way, bin Jassim told to beat up at the airport in Qatar Ambassador Vladimir Titarenko.

Battle for Eurasia

— Some leaders in the West and we offer the Russian leadership as soon as possible to shelter the Assad family. They say that the Syrian people after Moscow say thank you! What is the consequence for the Russian collapse of the Assad regime?

—  Syria — our only ally in the Arab world. With its collapse, we finally lose its positions there. But it is not only in the Arab world. Russia may actually be on the other side of the story at all. After Syria and Iran (and the fact that in Syria followed Atlanticist attack on Iran, it is likely — analysts even lead name of the operation, to begin the US-Israeli attack on the "Hezbollah" — "Big Rain") probably comes our turn. So we can say: beat on Syria (and Iran), and aim at Russia. Training is going in all directions: here and the Middle East, and the deployment of missile defense, NATO expansion to the east.

— Well, with the missile defense, NATO is clear. What specifically Syria and Iran linked to our security?

— They are close to our borders and to our "underbelly" — the Transcaucasus and Central (Central) Asia. If you collapse the current regimes in Damascus and Tehran, the solid area of controlled chaos, controlled Atlanticist, automatically spreads from Mauritania and the Maghreb to Kyrgyzstan and Kashmir. The arc of instability blade rested in Central Eurasia, where Atlantists may directly threaten Russia and China. But first of all Russia.

— Why do we begin with?

— Coming world system crisis, which dramatically increases the importance of control over resources. This value increases by an order in a predictable geoclimatic and geophysical disaster. I'm not referring to the mythical global warming. And quite prosaic attenuation Gulf Stream, restructuring the ocean food chain and cyclic (once a millennium 11.5-12.5) planetary restructuring that began in the early twentieth century. and over, unless there is a global catastrophe in the first three decades of XXII century. In crisis and post-crisis world only stable and resourced area for the next century will be Northern Eurasia, mainly — Geospatial Russia. This virtually all analysts agree. This makes our territory geohistorical main prize of the XXI century and the next few centuries. Known Russophobe Zbigniew. Brzezinski, Madeleine Albright, and many others in the West have often said, is unfair that Russia has such a space, and such resources. Like, all of which should belong to the world community — that is, Atlantic elites organized in lodges, clubs, commissions, medal and neoordenskie structure.

However, to take control of Northern Eurasia needed foothold — Central Asia. Americans are already present there, but controlled by their Middle East Central Asia are separated Syria and especially Iran. Here fuse controlled chaos that had lit in North Africa, torn and off. Without the destruction of these two countries Atlantists can not begin to battle for Northern Eurasia. Russia is seen as a raw material appendage Atlanticist, China — as a source of rabsily, ie as secondary. These "secondary" dare to interfere with the plans of the globalists, leading them into a frenzy. The decision of the Russian and Chinese issues West plans to achieve by using the name of Islam, the Arabs. Whether in the form of controlled chaos of a new Arab invasion or war against infidels Sunni caliphate. At the same time, however, true to their tradition of grazing large states and their peoples, and the weakening or even destruction (model — twice in the twentieth century pitted Germany and Russia), the Anglo-Saxons and try to destroy Islam. Through its maximum radicalization by vahabbizma, deprivation of domestic economic and demographic forces in the Eurasian wars, and then converting the Muslim world in the off ghettos, deprived of resources and technology. Those who have a kid playing in the «Dungeonsand Dragons», remembers version of "The World of the black sun."

The Muslim world planners-globalists are planning to split into many small pieces, which can be controlled with the help of private military companies and mercenaries multinationals squeeze out of these parts remains of resources and throw the dustbin of history. West will control only the points of concentration of resources and areas of communications (for example, nearly 1,800 km of Mediterranean coast of Libya), the rest will be given at the mercy of tribes, clans, criminal syndicates that control their pieces and pieces. These "pieces" can become part of Saudi Arabia, Pakistan (with the release of Baluchistan), Iran — Muslim mosaic. At the same time, the West will need an overseer in the region, and it may well be a large Kurdistan. The only state that can afford to be a major one.

—  Why?

— In the Greater Kurdistan, if established, will be the source of all the major rivers in the region. This means that in the coming era of scarcity of water resources and, consequently, the "water wars" in the hands of the Kurds, this ancient nation, will, as in the days of Assyria, the most important levers of influence in the region. Kurdistan could become a major area supervisor, succeeding in the role of Israel.

— More about Israel, please!

— His prospects in a changing Middle East is very vague. Most likely the West dismantles this state as unnecessary as it is predicted Arnold Toynbee in 1957 Naturally, evacuating the upper 30-40% of the population. The option to create Kurdistan and the dismantling of Israel is not one hundred percent, but very likely. True, it's not coming years.

— And what do you do in Russia was developing around Syria dramatic situation?

— However, what it does — all the way to support Syria, not to let her crush. We have already sent a naval connection, not so hot numerous, but it's better than nothing. Besides, if anything, should not fight that skill. Next. June 7 was launched two intercontinental ballistic missiles, "Topol" (we recognize) and the "Bulava" (not recognized, but the Americans claim that the launch was). This is a sign. After Russia, despite and in spite of all the military reform is still a nuclear power and that we, as Americans believed China did not believe and will be considered as the main enemy. Our diplomats are doing their job. I like how V.Churkin talked with Ambassador of Qatar, I like the impotent rage that can not hide in regard to our guidance Madame Clinton and smaller gosdepovskie bipod. I like that a powerful Syrian air defenses already got our 18 air defense system "Buk-M2" and 36 ZRPK "Armour C1" and get S-300 and Mi-25.

I very much look forward to the feeling of self-preservation of the Russian leadership, the fact that they made the right conclusion from the tragic fate of Milosevic, Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. Once upon a time they believed the West — and paid with their lives. Shakespeare's Hamlet speaks of Rosencrantz and Guildenstern, "which I like two vipers believe." You can not believe vipers — bite, and, in the trite deadly physical sense of the word. Or try to bite, using the internal problems. And they have the Russian Federation — car and small truck. Was it an accident that the gathering of the "white ribbons" in late 2011 — early 2012. strangely coincided with the statements of the Russian Federation on a tough stance on the Syrian issue? I think not. And here was acutely raises the problem of the "fifth column", we have formed over the last quarter century.

We live in the era of the military, the NATO aggression against Yugoslavia, NATO and knocking forged boot in the Syrian Gates. And to act in such an era to the laws of war. No one has ever been able to defeat an external enemy, or at least successfully confront him without suppression of the "fifth column" of course, by law, only the law.

And finally, we need effective international military-political bloc, able to bridle the aggressor and secure, or at least a respite years 8 — 10. During this time, Russia will be able to recover and prepare for the Great War XXI century. Last Hunt era of capitalism, which, unfortunately, is not likely to be avoided. Prepare to win. Well, now it is necessary to hold a potential enemy on the distant frontiers and help the weak to beat the aggressor at these borders — is not only strategically but also mentally.

Lessons and forecasts

— Libyan-Syrian Lessons for Russia — what are they?

— First, in any case, do not believe the representatives of the Western elite. It will always consider us as the primary enemy, and at the time of our maximum weakness of the approach which itself works, will try to finally resolve the Russian question. As noted by Leonid Shebarshin: "West of Russia need one. That it was not. " The way the blur of the weak, we saw the example of Libya. How to break the teeth of a strong — Syria.

Second, the Libyan-Syrian version of the NATO aggression shows how events will unfold here in the event of military action: fight will be mercenaries, mainly Arabs, and private military companies. According to the Syrian scheme will destabilize the Caucasus and the Volga region: the capture of the city or part of the massacre, the reference to "international community," which would require the imposition of sanctions, monitoring, database creation (though one already and so is — in Ulyanovsk, the rear base of NATO). Further events may develop in the scheme of the novels of M. Assumption ("Paradise Machine") and Berkema Al atom ("Marauder" and "The Punisher").

Third: the decisive role of the external factor of great importance in the Syrian situation has a state of the object of this factor, and it creates a window of vulnerability: poor governance, corruption, etc. In this respect, Russia is also very vulnerable to all the same lack of good governance, corruption, criminalization of the economy, the tight integration of the economic elite in the world economy and, therefore, pro-Western comprador fitting, low professional and moral level of the upper layers, the dominance of clan interests over the public. On the collapse of the army, spiritual and moral crisis, not to mention, as the wear of human material a large part of the population.

Of course, the external threat can mobilize and unite people, as is always the case with Russian, whether in 1612, 1812, 1941. And the enemy understands. In this context, revealing a recent article, Henry Kissinger about the Syrian situation. Unlike his other articles written clearly, there are many vague reasoning, including the Holy Roman Empire — as it was brought to a final decline. But if the melt in the pure logic of the text and to articulate what hinted one of the leading representatives of the world behind the scenes, we get the following. "The Old Man Henry" warns West about the undesirability of such pressure on Syria, which will cause a hard line Russian and lead her to a confrontation with the West. As a result, there is a risk of losing everything in the weakening of Russia, which has been achieved over the last 20 years. And this is more important than Syria.

Ah yes Kissinger, ah yes son of a bitch — the root of looks! Indeed, the confrontation with the West can seriously change the situation in Russia — at all social levels and especially at the top, where not only understand, and feel the skin: the western tip would never accept in his flock, and sooner or later — will eat. If so, you need to significantly change course, even for the sake of wealth, status and life. Examples of even pro-Western Arab leaders such as Ben Ali and Mubarak, demonstrate the validity of the thesis remarkable Russian geopolitics AE Edrikhin-Vandamme: "The worst feud with Anglo-Saxon can be only one — a friendship with him." The West, especially the Anglo-Saxon, no guarantees nothing, especially on those who betrayed his country and his people. As the ancients said, "Rome does not pay traitors." More precisely, pays up to a certain point. And then — at the expense. And this is also a lesson for the Middle East in Moscow.

— When, in your opinion, to wait for sudden changes in the situation?
— How would say in such cases, one of the heroes of "The Little Humpbacked Horse": "ANT I am a prophet?" Forecasting in the modern world, which is located at the bifurcation point, it is difficult. But if you start on the state of the U.S. economy, which remission is projected to be completed in early spring of 2013, and given that serious action before the U.S. presidential election will not take, it turns out in December 2012 — February 2013

— Horror! Mystical call date: end of the world according to Maya, the approach of Nibiru heavenly killer …

— It is not a mystery, and manipulation of public opinion, the distraction from his real problems and intimidation to the extent that the person he shouted: "I want a world government, but it will protect me from disaster, a giant asteroid, aliens!" More dangerous aliens is "guys" — those that live on the other side of good and evil and ruthless reptiles devour mankind. They stormed Syria — that they need to stop on the Syrian frontier. As there was in Voltaire — crush the vermin!

See also nowhere to retreat behind the Damascus

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