Syria deploys Beech

Syria has deployed on the border with Lebanon, two anti-aircraft missile systems SA-17 (NATO designation systems "Buk-M1-2") in Russia.

  • SAM "Buk-M2E"

Over the past year, Syria has received several systems "Buk" by the contract signed two years ago.

According to the database the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI), in 2011, Russia supplied Syria eight systems "Buk-M2E" and 160 anti-aircraft missiles 9M317 complexes 9K37 ("Buk-M1-2") and 9K40 ("Buk-M2E ").

According to the blog BMPD, in 2007, "Rosoboronexport" and Syria signed a deal for the supply of several battalions of air defense missile systems "Buk-M2E". The deal amounted to about a billion dollars. The details of the contract, as well as the fact of the transaction, for a long time, "Rosoboronexport" were not disclosed.

It is possible that at the border with Lebanon, Syria has deployed systems "Buk-M2E" and not "Buk-M1-2," according to Israeli publication. Meanwhile, the Israeli Air Force had to re-route their aircraft to gather intelligence on the activities of the movement "Hezbollah", taking into account new data on the detailed Syrian air defense systems. Complexes "Buk-M1-2» (SA-17) can hit up to six targets at a distance of 30 kilometers.

According to open sources, armed with Syria worth at least 20 systems "Buk-M1-2." In February 2012 it was reported that Russia has agreed to supply the Syrians eight systems "Buk-M2E" and 24 MiG-29M/M2.

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