Syzran implemented two major projects


Samara region. 04.07.2011g.
JSC "Syzran" put into operation two new facilities — the isomerization unit and allocation benzolsoderzhaschey fraction on the catalytic reformer. The developer of the base project and refinery signed a bilateral act on the results of the test run, which began in March and ended in June.

The program is a large-scale modernization Syzran refineries approved NK "Rosneft", implemented since 2007.
Her goal — to complete the transition to production of petroleum products, the relevant class of "Euro-4" and "Euro-5", raising environmental and industrial safety.
The program provides for the construction of new facilities and complexes, as well as a deep renovation of existing technological capacities.


Isomerization Unit, providing the output of motor gasoline conforming to the "Euro-4" and "Euro-5" — one of the most capital-intensive investment projects. Its construction was implemented in record time — just 20 months. At the construction site were involved in more than six hundred people from 15 contractors, basically, the Samara region.

Product installation — isomerizate — one of the most valuable components of modern high-motor fuel with an octane rating in the range of 85-90 points. Isomerizate not contain aromatics, benzene and olefins, which allows gas with high environmental characteristics.

Another object — block allocation benzolsoderzhaschey fraction — Was built as part of the reconstruction of the catalytic reforming unit in just one year. It is designed to reduce the benzene content in gasoline trade in order to bring them up to the level specified by the Technical Regulations. Merging into a single complex allocation block BSF and isomerization — a unique solution for the domestic oil refining. Dedicated to reforming fraction is used as a raw material for the isomerization, which increases the overall yield of gasoline.

As part of the program in 2007 was built and fully equipped with modern facilities central laboratory, at the end of 2009 was opened plant for the production of hydrogen from the station boosting.


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