T-72B2 Slingshot will go to the troops. Do waited?

In a recent interview with his Chief of Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin, said that "in the combined arms and tank units arrive armored vehicles — tanks T-72B1 (2), representing a deep modernization of T-72 tanks to the level of the T-90" .

As you know, T-72B1 — a simplified and less expensive version of the car, which entered service in 1985 and differs from the modification of the "B" in that it is not mounted on the set of guided weapons. This tank has long been considered obsolete, and try to improve its performance already ten years that way. As for the T-72B2 "Slingshot", that is, perhaps, the best modification "semdesyatdvoyki." This war machine has been tested and, according to some, even recommended to the adoption, but the army was determined to buy new T-90A and to upgrade to a very simple level, known as the T-72BA.   

 Work on an upgrade to the level of asthma at first more like a major overhaul, as the changes were very minor, and apparently this tank can be distinguished from earlier only through the emergence of new track tapes.

Since 2003, the T-72BA was introduced unified MTO with a 1,000-horsepower diesel engine V-92S2, a similar setup logistics on the T-90A to equip units of the Russian army. Besides the engine installed enhanced transmission, aluminum radiators with increased heat dissipation, improved air cleaning.
Were introduced means of infrared camouflage. Chassis improved dynamic increase in speed skating rinks.
Also incorporates a new system of fire fighting equipment, improved complex communications. The driver was the night the device TVN-5, the same as on the T-90. 

  However, modernization of observation and sighting was only up to the level of the latest versions-produced T-72, the production of which was completed in 1992. The main drawback of the T-72BA — this is a very limited ability to act on opportunities at night. For this indicator, the T-72BA is far behind from the same T-90A with an eye teplovizionnnym Essa.
Since last year, the troops went to a new version of the tank, designated in the media as the T-72BM. This tank is different from the usual "Beshki" that was one of the best sights in the world — "Pine-U", all the other features, including the capacity of the engine (840 hp), remained at the level of the early 90’s .
If the troops actually go car, driven to the level of T-72B2, then we can talk about a real breakthrough in equipping our tank divisions.

 In the "Rogatka" concentrated all the best of use. This new generation of reactive armor "Relic", which is able to withstand the most modern anti-tank weapons. Sight "Sosna-U" is equipped with automatic target tracking, it allows the gunner to operate on the principle of "fire / forget". Need to find the target, further work automation. A fighter at this time may have to seek other purpose.

New gun with improved performance — 2A46M-5 with a device alignment thermal bending of the barrel, it increases accuracy.

Engine — In-92S2 power of 1000 hp The auxiliary power unit that provides power systems of the tank to the parking and fighting positions, without the inclusion of the main propulsion system, saves the life of B-92S2, and contributes to stealth machine. The work of the driver easier semiautomatic gear.

Tank management information system is much better command handling, plus satellite navigation.

It is worth noting that in many ways "Slingshot" is not inferior to the T-90A, and in some ways even surpasses, approaching close to the new version — T-90ms "Tagil." The point, as they say, for small — to the tanks did go to the troops.

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