T-Platforms’ commissions the National Research supercomputer BSU


The company "T-Platforms", international supercomputer developer and supplier of a complete range of solutions and services for high-performance computing, commission supercomputer complex high-performance computing Belgorod State National Research University (NRU "BSU").

Given supercomputer will be used for the simulation of nanomaterials, especially medical supplies (problems of biocompatibility of implants, walls, etc.), modeling in medicine at the level of cellular processes, including bioinformatic processes, studies of pharmacological processes in the development of new drugs. Also computer system is used to process satellite images of the Earth in different frequency bands in the problems of interpretation of objects on its surface analysis, synthesis and recognition of speech, creating a framework of BSU Grid-system with access to external computer tools. Belgorod State National Research University is one of the largest research centers in the area. Office of Science and Innovation Higher "BSU" makes efficient use of the scientific potential of the university, the implementation of the strategic directions of the uniform university science policy, and promotes the development and expansion of the research, science, technology and innovation.

Basic research aimed at solving important scientific, technical and socio-economic problems of the society, are carried out based on the infrastructure of the university. It includes a number of scientific, educational, scientific and production centers with modern equipment for the fruitful work of research teams, centers of excellence and problem-science research laboratories. Part of the complex will be a supercomputer infrastructure "Nezhegol", form a company "T-Platforms’.

Supercomputer, the Belgorod State University, a national research is based on a system T-Blade V-Class — Self-designed "T-Platforms." Currently, the company has completed the delivery of the equipment needed to build the computer system. Also in the course of this project the company’s experts will train the staff of the University Computing Center specifics of working with a supercomputer.

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