Taganrog aircraft Be-200ES evaluated in France

Under the arrangement, the Russian-French commission on bilateral cooperation at the level of Heads of Government, at an air base of the Office for Civil Security (Marignane, France) assessment of aircraft performance and operating characteristics of multipurpose amphibious aircraft Be-200ES in the program of the pilot flight putting out fires.

The first stage of the evaluation, which at the moment is almost complete, includes the introduction of French pilots and maintenance personnel with the aircraft, and flight operations to evaluate the performance of the aircraft when operating both in the air and with water, and the definition of operational profile during the test set for the aircraft Canadair water intake waters in lakes, rivers and seas.
The performance characteristics of the Be-200ES is seriously different from the characteristics of aircraft, operated by the Office for Civil Security France (French Securite Civile), in terms of size, speed and payload. This opens up new opportunities for pilots and ground fire-fighting services for improving the overall effectiveness of fire suppression.
The plane, thanks to jet engines, has excellent traction, which, combined with the aerodynamic characteristics unique to amphibious aircraft, creates exceptional maneuverability, which provides a safe and reliable operation.
The second phase is evaluated performance of the aircraft, with the aircraft taking part in a real fire extinguishing operations. The structure of Russian crews who have experience fighting fires in Russia, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Indonesia, on and coordinator of the French side, which is responsible for the execution of works according to the aircraft and to ensure communication with the ground crew and other aircraft is also involved in operations.
It must be emphasized that the Be-200ES has a multi-purpose capabilities. In fact, being amphibious, it can also perform additional tasks such as search and rescue, environmental monitoring, maritime patrol, medical evacuation (MEDEVAC), transportation of goods and passengers, while only requiring a few hours to go from one version to another. These multi-purpose version of the aircraft is certified aviation authorities in Russia, and a similar certification process has already been initiated by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).
EADS through a joint venture between Irkut / Beriev, providing support during the evaluation test of the Be-200ES Office for Civil Security (Securite Civile) to create opportunities in the future to form a proposal to replace the existing at the moment of the fleet.

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