TagAz taking orders for its new car


Taganrog Automobile Plant has announced the beginning of the reception of orders for its new "sports car", which was named Aquila. It is a so-called "four-door coupe", which, on the assurances of the manufacturer, has a sporty appearance.

Although the appearance is not confirmed by the technical possibilities — Aquila will be equipped with licensed Mitsubishi engine capacity of 1.6 liters and 107 hp (Place of assembly of the motor is not reported). For a sports car not too much, but the price will be very interesting Aquila — 415 000 rubles for a car with air-conditioning, airbags, ABS, power seats with leather trim, "music", and 18-inch alloy wheels. However, there is a small caveat — the price is "on condition ex works".

Formally competitors Aquila in our market will not, in fact, say, Volkswagen Passat CC is with us from 1.136 million rubles. Aquila will therefore compete with the more traditional cheap sedans and hatchbacks. For example, Lada Priora, which is in the back of a hatchback from 341 to 436 thousand rubles.

Sales of the new model AQUILA Taganrog Automobile Plant (according to the official website TagAz) will start on March 15.

In completing this version will include the following options:

? Air conditioning

? Airbag


? Anti-theft system

? Central locking

? Power Steering

? Power

? Powered and mirror

? Sports leather seats

? Stereo

? Alloy wheels R18

Later, may be available as a more or less equipped version of the vehicle.

Even today, the buyers have the opportunity to pre-order the model through the company web-site www.tagaz.ru (Under Feedback), or call the hotline: 8800100 61 61.



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