Taman Kantemyrivs’ka and armored divisions recreated in Russia

Decision of the Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation on the basis of military units stationed in Moscow, recreated Taman Guards Order of the October Revolution Red Banner Order of Suvorov Motor Rifle and Kantemyrivs’ka Order of Lenin Red Banner Tank Division.

Currently, the personnel of these compounds is actively taking entering their armament of new weapons and military equipment, the ministry said.


"The basis for their formation are, respectively, the 5th Separate Motorized Infantry and the 4th Independent Tank Brigade, which will include a number of other military units. Divisions returned to their historical names, and calculations of compounds gala will take part in the upcoming Victory Day parade on Red Square, already under the new banner of fighting "- said in a statement posted Online Office.

Taman Division was formed in July 1940. During the Great Patriotic War, she took part in the famous Battle of Smolensk in 1941. Then participated in the Orel-Bryansk defense operation, defensive battles of Kursk and Tim in the battle for the Caucasus, Novorossiisk-Taman, Kerch-Eltigensky landing, Crimea, Belarus, Baltic and East Prussian operations. Fighting the way the division has completed 17 April 1945 on the Samland Peninsula.

In 1999, the division took part in the anti-terrorist operation in Chechnya as part of the Joint Group of Federal Forces in the North Caucasus.

In the course of military reform in May 2009, the division was reorganized in the 5th Motorized Rifle Brigade of the Moscow Military District.

Kantemyrivs’ka division was formed in June 1942 in Stalingrad. Received a baptism of fire during the liberation of the village Kantemirovka, after which gets its name, was involved in the fighting in the Middle Don, in the Belgorod-Kharkov sector of the Kursk Bulge, the liberation of a number of cities the right-bank Ukraine. Part of the first reached the Elbe River, participated in the capture of Dresden, made a rapid raid in Czechoslovakia and ended up fighting way on the outskirts of Prague.

The soldiers took the connection part in peacekeeping operations in South Ossetia, Kosovo, counter-terrorist operation in Chechnya.

In the course of the military reform of 2008-2009 was reformed into the 4th Independent Tank Brigade.

As specified in the Ministry of Defence, as part of the orders of the president of Russia, contained in his annual address to the Federal Assembly in the military is currently underway to revive the name and the other most famous regiments, military units, previous eras, have specified in the ministry.

Recall that in December last year, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that Russia to revivenames of famous regiments of the past, including the Transfiguration and Semenov, and asked the Minister of Defence to submit proposals.

In late March, the Defense Ministry reported the decision military units assigned to two honorable names of famous regiments of the past. "In the Russian army two military units — 154-th separate commandant regiment and the 130th Motorized Rifle Brigade — will be awarded honorary titles respectively — Transfiguration and Semyonov shelves", — reported in the military.

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