Tank support combat vehicle Terminator

Photo source:uvz.ru

Tank support combat vehicle is a highly secure multi-tracked combat vehicle fire support, which has powerful weapons, advanced fire control and maneuverability.

BMPT is designed to perform the following tasks:

— The suppression and defeat of the enemy tank hazardous, including being in shelters, armed with RPGs, wearable and anti-tank systems in small arms;

— The defeat of lightly armored targets;

— Defeat tanks and infantry fighting vehicles;

— The fight against helicopters and low-flying enemy aircraft flying low-speed together with the army air defense units.

BMPT used at any time of the day.

BMPT developed the upgraded chassis of the T-72.Massa, t 48 +2%
Crew 5 (commander, gunner, two operators AG coursework, a driver)
Specific power, kW / ton (hp / t), not less than 15.03 (20.42)
Average ground pressure, kPa (kgf/cm2), not more than 96 (0.98)
KEY DIMENSIONS — Length of the case on mud guard and slatted screens, 7.2 m
Width on-board screens, 3.8 m
Breadth of caterpillars, 3.37 m
The height of the roof of the tower, m 1.94
The height of the commander’s panoramic sight, 3.44 m
Ground clearance, mm 406
Performance data
The maximum speed on the highway, at least, km / h 60
Power reserve to feed the fuel barrels, at least, 550 km
Overcoming obstacles:
Maximum angle of elevation to 30 degrees
— Maximum bank angle, deg. 25
— Width of the trench, 2.6 m … 2.8
— The height of the wall, 0.85 m
Fording depth:
— Ford (without training), 1.2 m
— Ford (with the preparation for 5 min), 1.8 m
— The installation of OPVT, 5.0 m
The main armament
A placement made to the add-on tower, stable, horizontal and vertical
Automatic gun, the number? caliber, 2 twin? 30 mm,
Technical rate of fire, rds. / Min to 600
Preferred type of food stores in the single-band of BO
Laying angles, deg.:
— A horizontal plane 360 (the tower)
— In a vertical plane -5 … 45
Guided weapons, the brand "T-Friendly"
Angles pointing PU grad.:
— A horizontal plane 360 (the tower)
— Vertically — 5 … 25
Additional armament
A placement is given in the sections on the right and the left fender, stable vertical
Automatic grenade launcher
Number? gauge, grade 2? 30 AH-17D
Laying angles, deg.:
— In the horizontal plane 5 (left) to 27 (right) to right AG 27 (left) to 5 (right) to left AG
— In a vertical plane -5,5 … 20
The location of the paired block in AP
Number? gauge, grade 1? 7.62 mm, or 6P7

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