Tankers of the Southern Military District learn new techniques

About 80 tank crews infantry brigades deployed in the territory of the Chechen Republic, started the field trip, during which the master modernized tanks T-72BM received in the compound at the end of 2011

During the week at landfills Kalinowski and Guardsman with the soldiers, tank crews will be held classes on fire and tactical training, and driving combat vehicles.

In preparing crews apply advanced methods of teaching using modern dynamic simulators, equipped with multimedia equipment for fire training and driving tanks. The equipment is able to simulate not only the weather, time of day and year, but also the tactical situation, which occurs in real boyu.V during training on the range of the driver will have to learn to overcome the limited passages in minefields, complex obstacles, gunner detect and affect different targets, and a tank commander to make decisions on the break. Classes in weapons training and driving military vehicles will be carried out both during the day and at night.

Upon completion of field training tank crews in conjunction with military infantry and artillery units will participate in the 3-day-old company tactical exercises.

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