Tatarstan builders work like a clock: for the quarter — a quarter of the annual housing construction

Nearly 600,000 square meters of housing introduced for the 3 months of the year stroyorganizatsy Tatarstan, announced today, April 7, 2012, Minister of Construction, Architecture and Housing of the Republic of Tajikistan Irek Faizullin.

Citing the data at a meeting on the construction and commissioning of housing, held at Government House in RT videoconference with the President, the Minister said the total volume of the input components: the program of social mortgage — 118.2 sq m (also 25 percent of the plan), the program of construction of apartment housing investment 244.1 sq m (25 per cent of the plan), the program of individual housing construction 236.5 sq m (23 per cent of the plan).  If one of the components of the builders missed the 25%, it is logical to assume that there is some kind of component, in which the input exceeds 25% of the target by 2%, but the information about it at the meeting were not heard, is a trifle. Look much more spectacular evidence that the capital of the republic for the first quarter were able to enter the 303,000 square meters of housing — more than half of the total input of Tatarstan.

Speaking about the program multifamily housing investment (simply — tenement houses, apartments that will be rented) Irek Faizullin reported that, of the remaining [to the program] 90 multi-family homes under a high degree of readiness is 41 houses, in the middle stage of readiness — 32 houses, including two technical readiness of the week increased by an average of 4 percent, under a low degree of readiness — 17 houses, including the last 2 weeks the technical readiness of the object group increased by an average of 4 percent.

In addition, the continued implementation of the republican targeted program to move people out of dilapidated housing stock. This year it involved 29 municipalities. The total number of apartment buildings included in the program for 2012 — 77. Total funding for the program — 604.57 million. The Minister said that on March 23 the board of the Federal Fund of assistance to reforming housing and communal services of the Republic of Tajikistan approved application for financial support for the resettlement of people from emergency housing, which is currently in the republic received 30 percent of the fund, which is 99.86 million. In the near future, these funds will be transferred to municipalities. Total area of dilapidated housing, intended to relocate, (resettled areas) is — 20 thousand 196 square meters, moved 1 thousand 610 residents living in 608 dwellings.

Municipalities should begin early implementation of the program in 2012. Transfer of the remaining 70 percent of the fund will be carried out after the submission of the municipalities and municipal contracts concluded repurchase agreements (and depending on the relocation), said Irek Faizullin.

It is noteworthy that, in summing up the meeting, the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov instructed Prime Minister Ildar Khalikov and the prosecutor of the republic Kafil Amirov to strengthen control over the delivery of shared construction sites and suggested that retreats in areas where there are problematic objects. This question seems to bother the head of the republic more than the fact that the builders of the Republic of Tajikistan are working like clockwork. Or report a hitch.

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