Tatarstan is fully provided with its own products

Tatarstan today is fully provided with its own products. This was stated by Deputy Prime Minister — Minister of Agriculture and Food of the Republic of Tatarstan Marat Akhmetov, when summing up the agro-industrial complex of RT at the national agricultural seminar meeting.


The event was held at the House of Culture Mamadishskyi Municipal District of Tatarstan. It was attended by President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov, State Councilor Mintimer Shaimiev, as well as deputies of the State Duma of the Russian Federation, heads of ministries and departments, heads of districts.

Speaking about the results of last year, the minister said that the value of gross agricultural output amounted to 166 billion rubles, which is 1.5 times more than the year before. "Tatarstan is fully provided with their own food production. Production results are generally quite good, but, unfortunately, they did not show sufficient efficacy. Without state subsidies, few farms would have a profit " — The speaker said.

Tatarstan today is 2.3 percent of the country’s farmland, while last year the country had produced 5 percent of the gross agricultural production. Was obtained 5.2 million tons of grain, about 1.9 million tons of sugar beets, 1.4 million tons of potatoes, 320,000 tons of vegetables, 1.9 million tons of milk, 427.5 thousand tons of meat.

Marat Akhmetov has urged the leaders of districts of the country to audit the farms to find out what leaders today are not working effectively and take appropriate action. In his view, have to work in agricultural professionals are keeping pace with the times.

"Audits selhozobrazovany conducted late last year by the Ministry in the areas of Tajikistan, have shown that many farms do not only have an elementary bezhozyaystvennost, but also the possibility of doubling production", — said M.Ahmetov. He stressed that the success of the agricultural business enterprises play a crucial role frames and gave examples of self-sustaining profitable farms. Separately, the Minister highlighted the need for lean manufacturing.

In terms of livestock, there is, in his opinion, the big role played by the human factor, it is often associated with the low efficiency of the work, has also played a negative role held by drought.

"We have forgotten how to work. In some villages have been getting from the cow to the calf of one year. This is unacceptable. It is necessary to work on a farm rolled up their sleeves, "- said the Minister. He also said that in order to stimulate the reproduction of the herd this year for every calf born will be paid 300 rubles.

M.Ahmetov drew the attention of the participants and the problem of training young professionals to work in rural areas. He lamented that in some areas of the country in the past year, there have been no students enrolled in the agricultural college. To interest young professionals from this year each graduate high school, got a job in agricultural enterprises, will be paid 100,000 rubles, and after colleges — 50,000. Every month, they will also receive an additional 5 thousand rubles to pay.

Meanwhile, the past year has been successful for farmers. This was facilitated by favorable weather conditions, more thoughtful approaches to technology. In the soil today a sufficient quantity of moisture. "Sown winter crops were in good condition, but spent monitoring shows that severe frost in late January led to the death of winter. Will be carried out extensive research and reseeding. Loss could amount to 1 billion rubles, "- said Marat Akhmetov. Should, in his opinion, more serious work and to grow perennial grasses.

President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov noted that today in the villages need investors such as Rifat Mutigullin, thanks to the financial help of which were built in the area of RT Mamadysh sports complexes and milk. He noted that today we need to support not only the big agro-complex, but also private households, family farms.

The head of the republic said that the foundation of agriculture is livestock, without which just would not be the village. It is important, he said, was to produce, and people could earn money, and also to have been developed markets for agricultural producers.

"It is important to create the conditions for entrepreneurs in rural areas. We should be developed outsourcing. It is necessary to develop measures to support entrepreneurs, "- said the President. He said about the need for more active development of horse breeding industry, until this matter is not successful changes. Head of the Republic emphasized the fact that many professionals today are leaving the village, and called on leaders of districts and farms do anything to bring them back, to provide them with all the necessary facilities. He also spoke of the need to keep on monitoring safety issues during agricultural work.

"In our farms should also be corruption. Everything must be transparent, needs clear regulations work to prevent this from happening, "- said Minnikhanov.

At the end of the meeting the Head of the Republic thanked the Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Tajikistan for the organization of agricultural fairs, thanks to which the inhabitants of the republic were provided with food products of high quality and at low cost.

The event concluded with the award of departmental awards. In addition, the State Advisor Mintimer Shaimiev presented awards from the Foundation "Renaissance" for its help in the revival of the Bolgar and Sviyazhska.

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