Tatneft has launched a floating gas station in the Tver region

Photo source:bezformata.ru

Tver region., 08.06.2011.
OOO "Tatneft — AZS West" launched a floating gas station (CCD) in Kaljazin (Tver region).

The opening of a floating gas station "Tatneft" has been dated to the wire on the banks of the Uglich Reservoir first regional yacht festival "Kalyazin Bay of joy." The new floating fuel station will not only solve the problem of fueling boats and yachts on the Volga, but will, in the words of the opening of the festival deputy governor of the Tver region Sergey Aristov, "the impetus for the development of water tourism and renewable volgoplavaniya."

New floating gas station "Tatneft" is: Kaljazin in the Tver region, settlement RYBZAVOD, Uglich Reservoir, yacht club "Kaljazin." Natural bay of the Volga, where available CCD is protected from winds and storms favorable place for the organization of a pontoon harbor and mooring on the water. The depth of the bay up to eight meters and can accept and handle any court.

We Podmoskovniy branch of OOO "Tatneft — AZS West", except for the newly opened, is to use a CCD number 195 in the Mytishchi district of Moscow region — in the Pirogov Reservoir, in the waters of the yacht club "New Beach" (d Boltino, st. Upper Coastal ow. 10).

Two floating gas stations are located in the zone of responsibility of the Baltic branch of OOO "Tatneft — AZS West» — № 396, St. Petersburg, Vasilevsky Island, st. Ural, 19, and the number 395, Leningrad Region, Kronstadt, Fort Constantine.

CCD "Tatneft" sold gasoline AI-95 and diesel class "Euro". CCD allows filling cans and removable tanks of water transport, eliminating the risk of fuel contamination of the environment. The civilized solution to refueling vessels contributes to the improvement of water in the rivers.

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