Tauris Electric of equipment for electrical networks

As part of the exhibition "Power and Electrical Engineering" in St. Petersburg "Tauris Electric" was the first company to introduce an intelligent network in action. View on a new concept of networking was invited delegation of power engineers led by the Chairman of the Committee on Energy and Engineering Oleg Trishkina.

Representatives of "Tauris Electric" stressed that Smart Grid technology is already available, it is up to start their widespread use.

Catherine KVASHA, director of marketing: "The concept of SG at this stage strongly theorize and expect something incredible, unprecedented. Hence the feeling that this is something that is not yet in our networks. As part of this exhibition our company tried to present his vision — which can be a smart grid. In the Russian networks have already implemented many of these projects. Since 2004 we have been creating "smart grids", and today, according to customers, these projects bring benefits not only technical, but also practical in terms of money, the high reliability of power supply, to reduce costs and so on. All that is expected of Smart Grid. Such a network can be built today in any region of Russia, without resorting to major renovations without rebuilding, and only came to the well-to installation and automation in general. "

Stand "Tauris Electric" was a model of the real circuit power distribution network — with air and cable lines, power centers, dispatch and consumers, as well as the equipment, providing the reliability and efficiency of the network. The first thing visitors saw the stand — was control tower from which each visitor can remotely manage the network and access data about its condition.

Two power supplies simulated substation, switchgear equipped with D-12 and a high-current vacuum breaker BB / TEL, and the distribution center based on the CSR series of "Innovation" and the vacuum switch BB / TEL to 1000 A. From each power supply retreated air lines that formed a ring network Partition the two reclosers and one reclosers entry reserve.

As part of "smart grid" was also featured novelty — a superfast vacuum switch BB / TEL Q Series systems Bavra with outstanding features — internal time switch the switching device is no more than 22 milliseconds, but the proper time off — no more than 8 milliseconds. Such indicators could be achieved through the know-how, as applied in the design of the switch, and the development of a special design of the control unit.

To show an intelligent network in action was implemented the ability to simulate faults in the network — every visitor could by pressing a special button, short circuits and see how the network will work in a crash. In the eyes of the visitors Text selection in the damaged area, enter a backup power source, work fast AVR — and all of this automatically, without human intervention.

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