Tchaikovsky gas equipment plant begins production of a new line of plates

Tchaikovsky gas equipment plant — branch of JSC "Gazmash" begins production of a new series of plates TM «Darina». Starting a new line of boards is implemented within the framework of the investment program 2010-2012. Carried Gazmash holding in its factories. A series of plates 241 made on the most advanced equipment allowing through automation of the production process to offer the best price for consumers.

Tchaikovsky plant (Tchaikovsky Perm) — dynamically developing company for the production of stoves, built-in appliances, gas grills. The plant produces more than 50 models of gas, gas-electric, electric stoves under the brand name "Darina".  

The factory is equipped with modern equipment of leading European manufacturers. It employs 900 people.

Exclusive to the new series of plates engineers and designers of the plant was designed "Cell" frying pan. The uniqueness of this tray is in a cellular bottom cell which increases the heating surface, thus making the heating more uniform.

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