Team Russia beat Brazil in the final of the Intercontinental Cup

Russian beachgoers confirmed the title of the strongest on the planet. In the final of the Intercontinental Cup, held these days in the UAE, the world champions defeated in extra time against Brazil — 5-4.


How can you not remember the triumph of the team of Mikhail Likhachev, dated September of this year. Then, on the beaches of Italy Ilya Leonov and the company made, it seemed impossible — away World Cup title in beach soccer pioneers and undisputed trendsetters in the sport Brazilians. And the Russians did not just beat the South Americans in the final, and did so with a humiliating score for the favorites — 12:8.

Do I need to explain what a blow was for the Brazilian national team is defeated. Not without "draw conclusions" — the team has a new coach and new players. But the thirst for revenge, of course, will not go away. And let the Intercontinental Cup in status are much more modest — a tournament was held for the first time at all — Brazilians struggled to prove the September accident damage. Our children, in turn, wanted to confirm the class.


In the UAE, the Intercontinental Cup organizers have invited eight teams — the strongest, in their opinion, the teams continents. Plus hosts and world champions from Russia. Not to say that the participants as something special prepared for the trip to Dubai. At least the Russians, who, by their own admission, have started training only reinforced by the beginning of November. That did not stop them without problems to sort out in the group stage with Nigeria, Tahiti and the UAE. But in the semifinals of the Champions of the world was waiting for a difficult test in the face of the Swiss national team. Russia confident was in the lead 4-2, but smeared ending and allowing the opponent to even the score and bring the game to the first overtime, and then it came down to a penalty shootout. In this component of our beach soccer players were stronger. Well, after waiting for the command of Mikhail Likhachev Brazil.


— After the World Cup, Brazilians have been some changes. They are looking for as unplayed team. But it is alarming because it does not know very well how they will act. In general, expect a good game and I hope that we will win — said the Russian goalkeeper Andrei Buhlitsky eve of the finals in the official website of the RFU.

Forecast of Russian goalkeeper was justified — the final was rich in events. The Brazilians went ahead twice, after which the advantage went to the Russian team. Our beachgoers, as in the game against Switzerland, led 4-2, but in the blink of an eye lost all advantage conceding two precise shots Fernando. As a result, the fate of the trophy was decided in extra time — in the 38th minute scored the decisive goal Shishin. This ball, by the way, was for him to third in the match. Brazil again behind Russia in the final, giving rise to talk of such laws the balance of power in a beach football.

— We are equal teams, masters lacking in both teams. But in the last two games we are stronger, and this is reflected on the scoreboard — quoted the Russian captain Ilya Leonov RIA "Novosti". — This finale we spent already confident in their abilities. Morally, we were ready for the fact that once again beat the national team of Brazil, and, I believe that in this meeting were the favorites, proving that it is not accidentally become world champions.

Head coach of the Russian national beach soccer Mikhail Likhachev after the game did not hide positive emotions: "I can tell you my warmest guys who fought to the end believed in the victory. In overtime, played brilliantly simple — scored a goal and did not give opponents a single chance. Generally we had a fantastic year, winning all the competitions in which participated: European Championship, World Cup and the Intercontinental Cup.

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