Tech Tractor plants with conveyor sent to fight forest fires

August 5 at the "Onega Tractor Plant" ceremony of transfer equipment fire-chemical stations and institutions Forestry Republic of Karelia, who immediately went to the fire alarm in the Pudozh region of the country.

Company "CHETRA Forest", a specialized unit of the machine-building marketing-industrial group "Concern" Tractor plants "(Machinery & Industrial Group NV) gave the forest fire services republic eight cars — two bulldozers brand CHETRA and six forestry tractors LHT-100A. Karelia became one of the major customers of forest fire equipment. Total will be delivered to the republic for acquisition of fire-chemical stations 25 units of forest fire equipment "Tractor plants".

In the republic have already been shipped and successfully employs 10 forest fire tracked vehicles LHT-100A-12, which are produced in the capital of Karelia, Petrozavodsk on the Onega Tractor Plant. For the development of the machine factory has received this year’s "Gold Medal" at the bottom of innovations Emergency Balashikha. Republic also received 10 T-9 bulldozers, Cheboksary plant production "Promtractor." On turn 5 mobile fire-fighting systems based on tractor AGROMASH 60TK Vladimir Motor-Tractor Plant.

Speaking at the ceremony, Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of Karelia Sergey Shtrakhov noted the timeliness of delivery technology, which is sent directly from the factory to put out fires.

General Director of "CHETRA Forest" Leonid Okladnikov assured the representatives of the republic in the absolute performance of the contract by enterprises of Concern "Tractor plants", which is 3 years. He noted the unique technology of Russia’s largest producer, its exceptional efficiency with the direct suppression of forest fires, as well as versatility in carrying out fire prevention work — the creation and installation in tight spaces mechanized mineralized barrier and supporting bands with attachments.

It is worth noting that the program re fire-chemical stations and forestry institutions is gaining momentum in all regions of the country fire. In accordance with the Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of April 15, established a list of manufacturers of forest fire technique in which contracting authorities carried out in 2011, the purchase of these products. The list of products included Instruction 5 specialized companies "Concern" Tractor plants "that produce equipment for fighting forest fires," Krasnoyarsk Plant Timber Engineering "," Onega Tractor Plant "," Promtractor "," Vladimir Motor and Tractor Plant "and JSC "TK VgTZ."

Enterprises of Concern "Tractor plants" under the auspices "CHETRA Forest" forest fire tractors have been delivered in dozens of regions of Russia, such as Volgograd, Vladimir, Kurgan. Kaliningrad Oblast and the Republic of Karelia and others. In accordance with the program this year alone plants Concern put his technique in 32 regions of the Russian Federation.


JSC "CHETRA Forest" — a specialized trading company of machine-building-industrial group "Concern" Tractor plants ", dedicated to the promotion of logging and forest fire equipment manufactured by enterprises of the holding. List of products submitted by the company includes not only the traditional model of forestry tractors produced at the Krasnoyarsk Timber Engineering (Kraslesmash) and Onega Tractor Plant (HTA), but also a promising line of wheeled and tracked vehicles for CTL logging technology-based member of the Group of the Danish company Silvatec. "CHETRA Forest" sells timber industry equipment produced by "OTZ" , Inc. PO "Krasnoyarsk Machine-Building Plant Forest", Silvatec Skovmaskiner A / S (Denmark)

Machinery & Industrial Group NV — one of the largest integrators of Russian science and technology, industrial, technological and financial resources in engineering, both in Russia and abroad. In the management of engineering holding is more than 20 major companies located in 9 regions of the Russian Federation, as well as in Denmark, Germany, Austria, the Netherlands, Serbia and Ukraine.

Production activity is represented by five areas: industrial engineering, railway engineering, agricultural machinery, special purpose machinery, spare parts and OEM parts.

The holding enterprises occupy a leading position in the segments of the market, which shows their products: mining, road and infrastructure construction, oil and gas, transportation and defense industries, and agriculture. Technology resulting in enterprises Machinery & Industrial Group NV, operates in more than 40 countries.

The operational management of the group is carried out by the Company Corporate Governance "Concern" Tractor plants "

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