Technical specifications MultiClet MCp0411100101

Not so long ago was released the first pilot batch of Russian multicellular microprocessor MultiClet MCp0411100101 on four cells. The microprocessor is built on a unique post-Neumann multicellular architecture (for the understanding of the concept can be found next document). The microprocessor is designed to execute control tasks and signal processing. Thanks to its design, DSP-parallelized data processing dynamically evenly between cells, and a processor capable of performing general purpose programs, rasparallelivaya "supply" of RISC-like instructions on the cells. The microprocessor continues to develop the idea of getting the performance is not at the expense of megahertz race, but by optimizing computing architecture.


  • Rated frequency: 100 MHz;
  • bit CPU: 32/64 bit;
  • Data Memory (PD): 128 KB;
  • program memory (PP): 128 KB;
  • Declared yield: 2.4 GFlops;
  • power consumption: 45 mW.

The kit includes an assembler, linker (linker), the C compiler (standard C89), a functional model (emulator). In the development of the operating system RTOS.

Price microprocessor in the party up to 100 pieces. 462 rubles. Price debug kit with the board periphery 38,200 rubles.

Processor features:

  • Increase productivity by 4-5 times while reducing energy consumption (at the same clock speeds and topological rules of performance):
  • 2-4 times in comparison with the audio processor;
  • 10-15 times compared to the cores with ultra-low power consumption.
  • The "natural" parallelism without solving the problem of parallelization.
  • Reduction of the area of the crystal.
  • The effective implementation of any class of tasks (switching environment does not introduce any restrictions in intercellular communication).
  • Execution of the program without recompiling on any number of cells.
  • Fields of application:

    • Industrial automation systems from smart sensors to the engine control systems.
    • Universal navigation receiver GLONASS / GPS / Galileo / COMPASS / IRNSS / QZSS.
    • Mobile phones.
    • Video 3D.
    • Car electronics for on-board systems that control the traffic situation and warning drivers of the dangers and traffic jams.
    • Security systems, recognition "/ another."

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