Technoelast BASE R — effective protection against radon!

In June 2013, the plant TekhnoNikol in Vyborg in the production launched a new waterproofing materialTechnoelast BASE R, designed specifically to protect against radon. The material passed all the necessary tests and is aimed at the majority of European countries.

Historically, the harmful effects of the natural radioactivity of the air on the human body was seen in the XVI century, when a mysterious "mountain sickness" miners caught the attention of physicians: Mortality from lung disease among miners, some mines Czech Republic and Germany was 50 times higher than among the rest of the population. The reason for this was explained in our time — in the air these mines was a high concentration of radon. 

At present, European countries are increasingly addressed the issue of the dangers of radon in humans. In this regard, the main task of modern construction projects is to ensure safety of human life. At home radon can get a variety of ways, but the main — is the allocation of radon from the soil on which the building stands. In order to prevent gas housing to create a so-called gazoizolyatsionny screen.

Material Technoelast BASE R is an effective means of protection against radon, providing isolation from the interior as the gas and the water. Its effectiveness is confirmed by tests leading institution in the field of construction CVUT in the Czech Republic — Laboratory studies of radiation protection. Studies have shown that the use of hydro-and gazoizolyatsionnogo material Technoelast BASE R fromTekhnoNIKOLseveral dozen times reduce radonopronitsaemost foundation!

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