TECHNOLOGY Mining machines breaks records in penetrations

Miners mine office "South Donbass number 1" (city Ugledar) within the labor watch on Day miner month managed to pass 707 meters of production method of high-speed penetration.
Roadheader-record holder in the company is working from June 20 this year, just for the "South Donbass" employs five production efficiency "Mining machines".

"We understand that today the most relevant to the mining industry are the issues of improving the performance of the equipment and to ensure safe working conditions for employees. That is why our company has been introducing new technologies and quick to respond to the growing needs of our customers. For example, we recently launched its new development — threaded wheel set CNF. This technique will allow miners to go twice as fast as a niche for the installation of purification of the complex and lava run for the extraction of coal, "- said General Director Yevgeny Romashchin and expressed confidence that the record set by roadheader" Mining machines "- not the last.
According to team leader Alexander Rogulsky, the achievement was made possible thanks to the smooth supply, reliable car and the morale of the people. "We have been tasked to put into operation as soon as possible lava. We have tried — machinery did not disappoint "- shared his impressions of the section chief UPR-3 plants Vyacheslav Derkach.
With the high achievement of mine congratulated the staff of a delegation of coal mining communities as well as representatives from the Ministry of Energy and Mines.

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