TekhnoNIKOL in construction chemicals! The first tests TAIKOR!

  • Tests Taikor

Specialists direction "Transport and Road Construction"Corporations TekhnoNIKOLparticipated in conducting comparative tests of new material TAIKOR for the corrosion protection of reinforced concrete and metal in Yekaterinburg.

The initiator of the test data by the Office of roads Sverdlovsk region. The main task — the choice of material for the protection of concrete blocks, "New Jersey" on the highway Ekaterinburg — Koltsovo airport, which is expensive exemplary content. Wednesday concrete sufficiently aggressive — salt reagents, frequent manual cleaning, which leads to corrosion and its further degradation. To avoid the damage, it was decided to conduct comparative testsprotective materialsfrom various manufacturers, followed by monitoring during the year. 

In the application of the material TAIKOR have some undoubted advantages compared with other vendors’ systems: ease of application (does not require expensive equipment), turnaround time (corresponding to the established norms), the ability of the material to polymerize not on the surface structure, and in the concrete, so that is not created a surface protective film, and significantly increases the strength characteristics of the top layer of concrete products. Therefore, we can assume that TAIKOR is one of the favorites of the past comparative tests.

In conjunction with the Office of roads Sverdlovsk Oblast the direction of CBS Corporation TekhnoNIKOL will monitor the results of the tests. Completion of the project is planned for July 2014

According to Evgeny Glushkov, head of the unit, "Mastic" trend "TDS" Corporation TekhnoNIKOL: "Materials TAIKOR series are the result of innovation TekhnoNIKOL Corporation, produced in high-tech equipment. Are being carried out on a number of delivery TAIKOR under construction, due to its high performance in quality and a wide range of tasks, the material is now in demand in the market. "

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