Telemedicine has reduced the infant mortality rate in the Krasnoyarsk Territory


Telemedicine has reduced the infant mortality rate in the Krasnoyarsk Territory. This was November 9th Minister of Health in the region Vadim Yanin.

He recalled that the regional telemedicine system operates in the province since 2008 — it allows you to conduct medical consultations by video conferencing. In 2010, this system was plugged in all the municipal health agencies of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. According to Ioannina in 2008 held about 7 thousand consultations. If the doctor can not just talk to the patient online, but also get a picture with ultrasound machine in remote areas, and then advise the less experienced colleague.

"There is more we advise those of doctors and patients, in whom we visual image — the image on the ultrasound, endoscopy. We have almost all the maternity hospitals are equipped with ultrasonic equipment and consultations are conducted through the edge medical facilities. In fact most of the advice is remote access, when we take the parameters of pregnant women from all over the region — it’s mid-and high-risk groups — and they live in their own cities and neighborhoods, but watch them in the regional maternity hospital number 1. Every day receive information on weight, height, respiration rate and other physiological parameters that are measured by doctors. Then they continue to give the conclusion of such patients, or use some other technique of treatment ", — Said the minister.

He noted that this is a very effective system, as it affects the infant mortality rate. "If last year we have this figure was 10.4 for those born, but this year — 7.6. This reduction in the number of complications in childbirth. Including this happens due to the fact that more experienced therapists help colleagues from the territories to conduct such patients ", — Says Janine.

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