Tell me who your friends are and I will stay if youre in the Olympic rowing team in Germany

With the London Olympics was ignominiously expelled 23-year-old German Grebchikha Nadja Drygalla, and in the press against it was launched an unprecedented campaign-baiting.

Her only "crime" — a love affair with former a member of the National Democratic Party of Germany, Michael Fischer. Fisher in the recent past, and he was a rower youth team in Germany and brought this team medal at the World Youth Championship in 2006, where he met with Nadja Drygalla. Nadia herself in any parties is not a member and is not engaged in politics. Fisher has confirmed itself as the NPD, is not in the party since May. And he went out of the party at the request of his girlfriend! As it was under Hitler — was responsible for his father's son, and my wife for her husband (in Nazi Germany it was called «Sippenhaftung»), and so was in present-day Germany.

With that, the NPD in Germany is not prohibited and sits in the state parliament. But, obviously, the 23-year-old girl was guilty of the former much more accomplices of terrorists Kretschmann. Yelling at her such as she is, at least, the reincarnation of Eva Braun.

Yelling about Drygally raised on its website indymedia levofashistskaya Antifa (this site has repeatedly called for pogroms and acts of terrorism and justify those that have already occurred). Immediately after the anti-fascists, and by its own reasoning, "Der Spiegel" and the company began berating NOC of Germany, the German Olympic delegation and the German Federation of rowing, they are not tracked, he meets Drygalla.

Whether they will, they would be in each of these organizations would enter the moral police, who would regularly dropped in athletes under the covers. And even justify the Head of the German Olympic delegation Fespera (functionary of the Green Party), he spent half-hour conversation with the athlete, and determined that it does not share the beliefs of the NPD, did not help. German 'Journal' urgent need to introduce a purely Orwellian "transparency", ie surveillance of citizens and punishing anyone who does not share the "party line"! And with it the loudest required by the functionaries of the Left Party, which is still that she, along with NPD is under the supervision of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution. Antifovtsy even dragged into the light of day some fake where near Fischer at one of the pictures is a girl.

As to the Nadi Drygalla, then, no matter what she did was of the opinion (and she told the press that does not, and never shared the views of the NPD), Her character and her friend can only envy: for the love of it donated Nadia quiet and reliable operation as the police and the participation in future Olympics and world championships and a lot of money and advertising contracts.

Once again, the party NPD, a bunch of clowns "moderate Natsik" stuffed with spies Office for the Protection of the Constitution as the old toilet flies in Germany is not prohibited (as necessary powers, like air, or with whom they will fight before the election, showing its progressiveness and aptitude?) meets the Landtag and the government is paying millions of euros nalogoplatelschitskih money! Moreover, its members forbidden to appear on television, spend the night in hotels, eat in restaurants, working chimney sweeps, and young girls forbidden love them! This absurdity was not even Orwell …

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