Tenderloin circular puzzle




"Kuznetsk edge", 10.07.2003, Kemerovo, n72, p.6

Author: Michael Burleshin
* Recently, the mysterious circles punctually appear on the Russian fields *

Ufologists have already found a couple of places, especially the "vending" obscure forces are looming with polegshey land wheat circles, commas, and other flourishes. One of them is located in Novokubansky district of the Stavropol Territory. Since 1996, locals curse this unhealthy "interest" they planted wheat. Not only is much of the harvest is lost, twisted ears on the circles are impossible to collect even more damage to bring them curious ufologists, researchers unknown. Following their hands on the field come the curious crowds that trample the farmland around the mysterious circles.

But no luck on the fields of domestic Russian ufologists. All attempts made by * NGO "Kosmopoisk" * catch the mysterious circle makers ended in failure. Take a photograph of the mysterious artist and fails. Researchers can not explain the unknown and the reason for their occurrence — what "brushes" he used.

To date, among ufologists call the three main suspects creators circles: aliens, the mysterious unknown forces of nature and pranksters.

The aim is to establish the alien contact. For several decades, they try using circles, spirals and other geometric shapes to attract the attention of the inhabitants of the earth and give them some very important information.

Unknown forces of nature did not want. Deep under the ground are continuously challenging energy processes. Periodic pulses of energy from the bowels burst to the surface, and then under the influence of changing their pattern of clouds, formed geo-active zones, affecting all living things, including on agricultural fields.

Jokers, as their nicknames, just mock ufologists. Some, for example, with a strong stake and a long rope set up last year charming "mysterious" circle, and then laughed at by researchers for a long time unknown.

But here's foreign ufologists in the opening of the secrets of mysterious circles much more fortunate. English explorer Alexander Steve did what for several summer are the guys from "Kosmopoisk" — he depicted in the photo, or rather, motion-picture film producer communities. Having done once again filming bizarre shapes in a wheat field, a researcher at watching her suddenly found a small glowing white ball. Ball down the field, and then began to maneuver over the figures, almost touching the top of the plant at the same time.

Even more interesting results were able to get overseas ufologists. Here the problem of the mysterious circles engaged in serious and vbuhali it a lot of time and even more money. Back in 1992, America was established research group "BLT," led by renowned scientist and biophysicist, Ph.D. Ulyanov Livingudom. Soon, Canada, Australia, Israel and England appeared its affiliates. Researchers from different countries looked for the crop circles, photographed them, carefully described, sampled plants, and then examined under a microscope and recorded all changes in their physiological state. And that's what it turned out. In the overwhelming number of samples were found to various deviations from the normal forms. The cell walls of the membrane surrounding the seed heads were abnormally increased. The nodes of the stem twisted and had significantly larger dimensions. Seeds in the ears or often non-existent or they were ugly, underdeveloped head.

Based on these studies and the analysis of data obtained by other scientists, Livingud draws the following conclusion about the origin of laps. Collected in these plants are clearly short-term impact of the prints electric field pulses and extreme heat. Such a combination could give the ion-plasma vortex. According to scientists, with the help of microwave radiation from surrounding ionized plasma, aliens could be applied to agricultural fields circles and other shapes that form patterns that bear his secret to the information so far.

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