Tens of thousands of victims of torture and repression: British survivors of atrocities are looking for the truth

One of the men suspected of having links with the rebels, security officials stripped, shackled and chained castrated using large pliers. Another suspect was severely beaten during which lost consciousness, and therefore survived, and his 11 inmates were killed by guards to death. At the same time, a young girl caught for having fed the insurgency was beaten by security forces, and subjected to brutal sexual violence …

This is now writing the leading news agencies, but it is not at all about the events in Syria, Libya or Afghanistan. No, in the role of executioners were British citizens, and their victims were ordinary Kenyans. If you think that these events took place in ancient times, in the era of the Holy Inquisition, it is also wrong. The target is the British Mau Mau rebellion in Kenya in 1959.

The three surviving victims Paulo Muoka Nzili, Wambugu Wa Ning and Jane Muthoni Mara, stories of which are described above, unsuccessfully trying to get justice in a London court. There was a fourth Kenyan having undergone torture by the British, but he did not wait for the court and died in old age.

And so, despite the fact that the applicants have all the necessary evidence, their case is moving very slowly and reluctantly. Last year, the British justice has not found evidence that torture was conducted systematically and that the government at least to some extent responsible for them.

London acknowledged that the applicants were subjected to torture, but, according to the Court, it took too long to render a fair verdict. However, the hearing in the Supreme Court in London will start this week, and in their course will be parsed more than 8,000 secret documents in the case. Perhaps soon we will know more details, although those that are known at the moment, it seems, is enough.

Recall that Kenya from 1886 until 1963 was a British colony. In 1952, there broke out the Mau Mau rebellion in which local rebels tried to drive the Europeans out of the country and return to her independence. In response, the British launched a full-scale military operations against the guerrillas accompanied by repression and sweeps. The exact number of victims of Kenyans held in secret until now, according to some estimates the Europeans was cut from 20 to 70 thousand residents.

British used such advanced techniques as ad "safety zones" within which all living things were declared rebels and shot on the spot. Dissatisfied and suspected rebels were rounded up assistance to the camps, where they were subjected to inhuman torture.

Here's how describes how white police interrogation of suspects in the book "British Gulag: The brutal end of empire in Kenya":

"In the widely used electric shock torture, as well as cigarettes and fire. Bottles, gun barrels, knives, snakes, lizards invested a ripped bellies of men and women in the vagina (…) By the time I cut his balls and his ears and his eyes gouged out. Too bad, he died before we got a lot of information from him. "

Against this background, a very peculiar sounded yesterday's statement by the British Foreign Minister, William Hague, who called on the UN Security Council to take immediate action against Bashar al-Assad in Syria.

"The suffering of the Syrian emphasize the need for action by the UN Security Council. Terrible to hear that aerial bombardment, tanks and other heavy weapons used against the civilian population ", — he said.

Probably the suffering of Kenyans on a scale of democratic values and freedoms for the British to have less value.


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