Termolayf developed a three-layer insulation for concrete


Recently, the question becomes relevant industrial dispensation on the basis of concrete and precast concrete. At the same time, the existing regulatory requirements for energy efficiency in the building sector demand is already at the stage of production of industrial concrete products use advanced energy-efficient thermal insulation materials for finished products. The company "Termolayf" I saw one of the first in this market segment and significant prospects launched a new insulation material for concrete sandwich panels TL "Monolith" the basis of whichmineral wool. On the possibilities of a new direction says CEOGennady Sychev


— Our company is the largest domestic manufacturer of insulating building materials, produces a wide range of heaters, based on mineral wool, which have a thermal acoustic insulation, high physical and mechanical properties, antibacterial properties, chemical resistance, as well as a high fire resistance and hydrophobicity.

Distinctive features of mineral wool insulation — durability, reliability and environmental safety. Such rock wool characteristics imparted by the three-dimensional orientation of fibers, use of special binding agents and modifying additives. In manufacturing the latest equipment and modern technology. Thermal performance is monitored at all stages of the production cycle and is being tested in a specially equipped laboratory.

Our mineral wool has the necessary certificates and meets European quality standards.

By studying the market, we have noticed that recently there has been a tendency to develop major construction projects on the basis of three-layer reinforced concrete panels.

Three-layer reinforced concrete — a modern method of construction of prefabricated buildings.

The main advantages of this construction — the ability to carry out installation work in any season and a significant acceleration of the process of construction of buildings, ensuring productive use of resources. If you previously used single-layer structure, it is now increasingly concrete sandwich panels. They consist of inner and outer concrete layers, interconnected by a flexible or rigid bond and the mineral wool insulation is placed between them.

In such designs, the thermal insulation is inserted at the stage of manufacturing the panels when the concrete is poured. Thus, the finished panel products already contain in their thicker insulation, completely covered with a layer of concrete on the perimeter. This technology requires the use of heat-insulating layer only effective insulation aged for no less than that of the panel as a whole, as repair work on its replacement will lead to a complete or partial destruction of the panel.

Unfortunately, in practice this requirement is not always met, and as an insulating layer using cheap polystyrene plates density of 15-25 kg/m3, and they are known to be in operation is a significant climatic degradation. This leads to the fact that the insulation loses its insulating properties after 5-10 years of service, and as a result — increased energy loss in the heating season and the interior climate is deteriorating homes on them. This fact is confirmed by studies of Russian and Russian scientists and can not be taken into account in the design and construction of buildings.

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