Test reader Plastis Logis, known popularly as the tablet Chubais

Today was the presentation of the E-reader with a flexible screen, established companies "Plastis Logis." The one "tablet", which was recently presented to Putin Lisno Chubais, the same device that caused multiple wildness gomno, rumors, myths and common dezy.

What would ostavnovit this mess and at the same time and most understand that as a yes, I wanted to understand this question, not by rumors and revelations of the so-called experts, and personally. And so given the opportunity, I managed a few days to get the e-book PlasticLogic 100 for testing, and at the same time to ask a few questions from the press service of RUSNANO.

But before I tell you about the gadget, just to debunk some myths that someone has already managed to grow around the device for its caring hands. 1. The device has already entered / will enter the market at a price of 25 000 rubles.

It is a complete nonsense. I was presented with the version of Reader that is reassigned to schools. This version will cost 12,000 rubles. This price has been determined train. It will be the same version (or multiple versions) for the market, but the price of this version — the subject of negotiations Plastic Logic and retailers. They’re still going, and although an exact price can not be called until, for sure it will not even 25 thousand or 20 thousand can even imagine about how much more expensive it will release to the market. What would be suitable for individual use, reader should get the WiFi module and slot microSD. It’s 50 bucks off the price. But the price will be dictated solely by the market. My prediction 15000 p — quite adequate price, as we will see below.

2. RUSNANO provides black-and-white reader for the tablet.

The network has already called it ironic Treader "Russian iPAD". Mol’s see what we have curved hands, even black-and-white screen. But in fact, no one in RUSNANO not consider this device as a competitor iPADu. Of course this is not the tablet in today’s narrow sense of the word, it is a common reader. That is how the device and positioned. And nothing else.

3. Chubais provides for the development of its foreign.

Remember, no Chubais personally nor RUSNANO, no developments are not engaged. RUSNANO created for what would have been willing to invest in development. Not once in communication with the RUSNANO I have not heard that they had appropriated someone else’s design itself. Development History never lies, if discovery is made 50 years ago, they did say that if the development of foreign, and so they say. Just as in this case, no one secret to the technology that RUSNANO has nothing to do, the task of RUSNANO bring these technologies in Russia, a production here, and make a profit on the sale of shares. As usual, RUSNANO is not the only investor in this case, the project involves the same number of venture funds from Silicon Valley.


From myths understood, now that the device, which fell into my hands. As I said, this version, which is involved in the contest to replace paper books. Yes, I note in passing that such competitions are held in seven regions in which Rosobr going to pursue this experiment. The competition is the same and foreign device. This gadget is involved in 4 of the seven regions. On the same basis. So, no one is forcing the device to schools in the three regions, it is not even in the list of bidders. And by the way, who will pay the 12 000 r., It is not clear, the issue resolves Minobr, not RUSNANO. I think the device will pay for the state, giving him at school at the beginning of the year.

Well, let’s see what Chubais trying vparit our students.

The device screen is 10.7 inches (27 cm). The format of the device as a standard A4. The gadget is lightweight, comfortable to hold, thanks to the fact that thin, and has a broad field that’s just, and at the same time serve as a stiffener.

The case is real thin.

Here is the device in standby mode. The inscription "My e-textbook" You can change your example to write the name and surname.

In this mode, no electric power is consumed. To unlock press the touch button in the upper right corner of the screen.

Then the on-screen button "Unlock".

As you may have guessed, the touch screen. Use the reader why it is a pleasure, you can leaf through your fingers, like a book.

The device runs on WinCE. Home screen — just a list of the folders that are loaded at the beginning of the year all the training materials for the year. In our example, there were two folders 6th and 7th grade.

Here is the list of tutorials.

Let’s open one such literature.

Of course, the biggest drawback of the device is all black and white image. But this limitation screen e-ink. They say the world already has a color e-ink, but there is a terrible speed refresh the page. In this tutorial, 3 frames per second. For e-ink figure is more than decent. I compared with the other books, they are compared with those Reeder terrible brakes.

So the picture is in black and white. However, Plastic Logic is working on a color option, and nothing terrible black and white pictures is not, the problem is solved colorful teaching materials, in the end, even before all the textbooks were black and white, even I remember that.

The manufacturer has decided not to take away from their school’s little pleasures. On textbooks, as before, we can draw :) But now, without prejudice thereby textbooks. The drawings are saved and after the closing of the textbook. They can erase eraser.

This feature, when due skill, can be used for the procurement of cribs.

Few devices on the market that allow to draw, much less allow you to draw with your finger.

You can not only draw, but also to write. A sort of variant marginal notes.

The process of preparing spurs further simplified. Children should be like.

You can search in the text, which is also very convenient, you can rotate the text.

You can open a previously scanned materials. They open on the page where you were closed.

The creation of this unit was issued the terms of reference of the Ministry of Education. And the technical characteristics of the device are determined by this TK. Therefore, the tested version has no means of communication with the outside world, even the microUSB slot is blocked. It is understandable why.

Reader button below into Hibernation Mode, the same mini-USB blocked, through which the reader is charged, and the scanty squeaker.

After a squeaker played only system sounds, clicks clicks, the ability to reproduce a full sound is not here. But it is in vain, for example, different phonetic materials are needed in the study of foreign languages. And it’s good to have them on hand. But we were told that TK was not, and if this is required, there is no problem to add it.

Charge the device keeps excellent, I am for a few days so never use it and not charged, but the battery has been infected by a little more than half.

Video device also can play. But the blame for this technology is e-ink, and not personally Chubais as you might think. Refresh rate, recall, 3 frames per second. For e-ink is a good indicator, but too small for video playback.

On the front of the device fingerprint is almost gone. But here’s the back part is made of a very Stamps plastic. By the way, no one screw, that is not collapsible device in the home. Protection from curious children who have a craving for circuit design.

The device is assembled in the United States. As we have explained, in the U.S. there are contract manufacturers, ready to take on the assembly of small batches of devices. In China, it makes sense to book millions of pieces. Create assembly plant in Russia is planned. We will do just the screens. Why? On this below.

Well, the main advantage of the device — a flexible screen! However, since it is located in a strong and stable housing, its flexibility does not manifest itself in normal conditions. Why do you need it, you ask? Need! As I said, the authors of the gadget kind to the children’s antics have left the opportunity to draw in books, writing, well, how could deprive them of pleasure crack neighbor’s party tutorial on the head? No problem! And he will be nothing. Textbook. A neighbor may suffer, the body’s true, though thin, but strong and tough, not just for students. Well, seriously, really indispensable for schools, ordinary readers with glass screens are unlikely to survive until the end of the year.

A little more on the screen. See what it looks like you can on this ftografii

The screen is flexible, but not as paper. It can be rolled into a tube, but within reasonable limits. Fold in half would not come out — break. Generally texture much like that of the film to the x-ray machine. By the way, there is a speech that could have been on this Eran Tolkien layer printed memory and battery. Such tehnrologii already. Thus may soon be fully flexible electronic books. It remains to understand how to print more and CPU :)

In order to make a better experience using the device, I filmed a short video

But the official presentation

Comparison with peers

I did not use earlier devices with e-ink, so I decided to give the floor to a specialist. I went to the department, selling e-books on Savelovsky, and showed the device manager with a question, "Is there analogs and how many there are." Honestly, I did not expect such a reaction. Man’s eyes widened as he was clearly surprised. I briefly told him what the device, after which he clearly said that at that price competition in the device is not there. The closest competitor so he

But only a relative competitor. He is not an ordinary glass and touch screen, with less than about an inch. The device is heavier and much thicker. PocketBook can not draw on the screen, and the model that is able, is more expensive and need to draw a special stylus. The device pictured advantage of WiFi module, but as I said, in a test gadget, it is not intentional, add it there is no problem and it will make the reader for $ 40 more.

Well, maybe this manager was specially slipped me special agents RUSNANO that would give flattering assessment device, in fact it does not deserve, and created exclusively for cutting the budget money. Being almost sure of this, I suffered a gadget to work, showed colleagues. But here and reached out a hand Chubais. Colleagues were unanimous, the device really cool, and fully justifies its price.


Perhaps the only significant complaint about the product — the inability to reproduce the sound, this function would not really superfluous in the learning process. Perhaps you could add the same ability to record sound, it is possible to record a lesson and listen to it at home. Just lacks the ability to shoot video in high definition, play ControlStrike network and order a pizza delivery straight to the desk. Obviously, for the modern student is all the features you need, and if they are not in the device, we can say that cutting the budget money. Sarcasm.

The starter is created on the technical task Minobra, so any questions on the missing functionality to them, not to RUSNANO.

In general, the gadget is really like, I’d like that to me was such, instead of all those books that had to carry in a briefcase. Which is why, by the way, my parents had to buy a new portfolio every year, and sometimes two a year. Eager they are very fast.

However, there is one concern, as it did not turn out that well-appointed hour, schoolchildren, who gives the growth of the school, will have to wait, neatly lined up a crowd of pals. We should consider how to protect against theft, because then unlock USB ou
r craftsmen will be easy.

And yet, by the books is not enough interactivity. It’s not even in the video, but could make some ssylochki in books, tips, comments, pop-up definitions, training presentations. Drive regular books into the reader — it’s easy. But because the device gives more possibilities than conventional paper book can give, and it is necessary to use these opportunities to the full. However, this question is not for RUSNANO, again, and maybe I want a lot at once.

Strategy RUSNANO

Now a little about the industrial and economic strategy.

RUSNANO makes no secret of the fact that they are primarily interested in the technology of plastic electronics, in this case the screen. Where it will be very reader, minor matters, it’s just an assembly of prefabricated components. Most likely the assembly will be in either of contract manufacturers may be in China, maybe in Russia, if by that time there will be such factories in our country. At least on such plans of some Chinese manufacturers known, for example the same Foxconn plans to build our assembly facility. No high-tech build there. So, on this particular device world is large enough, it is created to the extent that with the end device can obtain higher margins than selling finished products in the form of plastic screens. That’s it in a plastic electronics all that salt, for which RUSNANO (and not only) is invested in this project, this is where there are the same nanotechnology, something for which everything was started. The final device is already as a result, but not an end in itself.

Plant for the production of flexible screens are planning to launch in 2014. And that’s what really cost to say, this is a real technology, attracted to our country, the future of technology. And Russia is planning to be there first, or at least among the first. We have long been the first in the field of electronics, we are decades behind, take tens of years but do not give. And now we want to get away from that.

Will or not, time will tell.

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