Tested a new shield Skuratovsky plant

  • Tunnel complex mechanized, with a diameter 5.6 m
  • Tunnel complex mechanized, with a diameter 5.6 m

September 20th, 2012 at OJSC "Metrostroy" — Mechanization passed the first test of the new sewn, designed for tunneling underground. Mechanism, called the KTPM 5.6 (Mechanized Tunnel complex, diameter 5.6 m), developed by Skuratovskaya plant in Tula commissioned by the St. Petersburg Metrostroiteley.

This equipment is intended to replace Yasinovatskiy shields, using that for 20-30 years was constructed the main part of the Petersburg underground tunnels and the use of which in 1981 set a world record speed of penetration — 1250 meters per month.

KTPM 5.6 closely follows the design of its predecessors, but there are important differences. They mainly relate to the "stuffing", responsible for the operation of the various components of the shield. The main focus for the developers made hydraulic actuators that allow a more smooth and precise operation for installing blocks finishes promotion board and other actions KTPM 5.6. In addition, the new board is equipped with a navigation system that allows real-time tracking of the position of the shield and adjust its movement. Management of the complex will be performed using a computerized control panel, located in the cab.

The developers hope that the board will be the first Russian contender for the revival of the domestic industry and the mining heading that the arrangements made in Russia, over time, will come to the world market tunneling equipment.

The new complex has been successfully tested at the factory. Next, you will dismantle it and delivery to site the station "Bypass channel 2" Krasnosel’skii-Kalinin line, where it will be tested already in the underground environment.

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