Tested bus on electrochemical capacitors, which allows a 40% reduction in fuel consumption

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In Krasnodar, has successfully completed testing of prototypes for a new type of Russian urban transport — hybrid bus. The key technical solution such buses is application of innovative energy storage — electrochemical capacitors, which are designed and manufactured by the Russian company "Elton".

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Produced during the test measurement of fuel consumption showed a 40 percent reduction this indicator compared to a modern gas-powered buses. The tests also confirmed that the application of electrochemical capacitors, the exhaust bus virtually no harmful substances such as CO, CH, NOx. Environmental performance of the vehicle exceeds the standard Euro 6. Additional benefits should include low noise and vibration.

Measurements were carried out on the route E2, which runs along the busy main road outside of the city — the Red and the number 1 binds Depot Train Station.

Russia’s first hybrid buses ("Ekobusy") were issued at the "Trolza" (Saratov region) in 2010. Their work consists in the fact that methane from the cylinders under pressure enters the gas microturbines, which feeds the motor and charges the capacitor bank energy. Additional energy is produced when electrical braking (braking, the electric motor), which enables recover additional energy and store it in the store, and later used to disperse the bus.

"A feature of the urban public transport is frequent repetition of cycles" ramp ", which lead to a significant expenditure of fuel and exhaust pollution of the atmosphere," — said the director of ZAO "Elton" Mikhail Rodionov. — "The use of electrochemical capacitors can effectively solve both of these problems."
Electrochemical capacitors are able to quickly store and transfer energy in amounts that were greater than the corresponding figures for conventional capacitors. Unlike batteries, they have a high power density, resource, at least a million of charge-discharge cycles, require no maintenance and operate reliably in extreme temperatures. These products are used not only in hybrid vehicles, but also in the systems start-up and "stop-start" engines of internal combustion power.

Russia is one of the world leaders in the design and manufacture of electrochemical capacitors. Production of "Elton" is exported to foreign countries in 1998, and recently in the United States began production of these products under license from the Russian company.

Closed Joint Stock Company "Elton" — a Russian company specializing in the development and production of asymmetric electrochemical capacitors (supercapacitors). "Elton" is one of the world leaders in its field, its products are used not only in Russia but also in the countries of Western Europe and the United States. The company includes research and production units. The production base is located in Troitsk, Moscow region.

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