Tested model of multiple effect icebreaker

Experts Krylovskogo state research center working on a project for a new icebreaker wiring of large vessels in ice


To the domestic merchant marine and shipbuilding, the task of creating an efficient transport system of the northern sea route, and this includes providing opportunities ice navigation of large vessels.

 The main difference between the modern large-capacity ice ships from the previously used is the sharp increase in their principal dimensions (width increase 1.5-2 times), which makes it practically impossible to use traditional tactics of navigation in ice.

The new possible solution proposed in the Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Central Research Institute. akad.A.N.Krylova "icebreaker is a fundamentally new architectural style that can create an icy channel width of 50 m, and the work carried out by the icebreaker consumption relatively low power level. The proposed icebreaker is a three or four ice-breaking hull mounted on a single platform. Feature enclosures is that they have relatively small dimensions, and each comparable to the average or small body icebreaker. In each of the cases identified by one mover, and on the head and stern cases it may be a screw-steering columns, medium tanks are fitted with conventional propellers.

An important feature of the proposed solutions is the relative position of individual buildings icebreaker to each druga.Dlya new icebreaker provides such cases the relative position that allows you to not only create a channel, but also reduce the resistance of the ice. On the proposed technical solution Institute filed an application for a patent.

The above-described new solution has been formulated on the basis of the analysis of data from different model experiments in the ice towing tank, and on the basis of theoretical calculations. For its experimental verification has been manufactured and tested in ice basin model of the new icebreaker in the scale of 1:30. In the full-scale scale of the total width of the head and medium-sized buildings is 39 m

On the basis of the research it can be concluded that the proposed new perspective ice-breaking device — Multi icebreaker capable of creating a fairly heavy ice conditions icy channel width is 50 m and the results of model experiments carried out on the basis of their comparative evaluations show that, compared to traditional methods Strip Use of multi-channel wide icebreaker provides increased operational efficiency of the transport system. The obtained preliminary results clearly demonstrate the advantages of the new icebreaker multiple effect. As part of further research and design studies, they will be refined and completed the relevant technical and economic assessments.

The work was commissioned by the Industry and Trade of Russia within the framework of the Federal Program "Development of civil marine technology" for 2009-2016.

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