Tested the updated fire system TOS-1A sun (photo)

During a special tactical exercises at the site "Prudboy" launched rockets increased firing range of the upgraded heavy firing systems TOS-1A "sun" on the target, simulating a group of tanks and infantry alleged enemy (Photo: ITAR-TASS)

Simulated target tanks and infantry group of alleged enemy


The complex TOS-1A "sun" increased power of the projectile and firing range



Servicemen separate brigade of the Southern Military District hit various targets of the missiles "Bumblebee"



Heavy firing system TOS-1A "sun" during a special tactical exercises on the ground "Prudboy"


Download heavy fire system TOS-1A "sun" extended-range missiles firing



Heavy firing system TOS-1A "sun" during the march in a combined way



Heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A "sun" is designed to destroy enemy troops in the open and in buildings, as well as its light armored vehicles and vehicles in the direct support of infantry and tank units in offensive and defensive battle by destroying the designated targets with missiles thermobaric warheads, incendiary actions

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