Testing Center Uralkhimmash received new equipment

 Photo source:i-mash.ru

September 29. In the mechanical laboratory testing center have been installed two new multi-purpose machines — with capacity of 10 tons and a capacity of 60 tons, intended for physical and mechanical testing of metallic materials, welds, semi-finished and finished products for tensile, static bending, shear, shearing, flattening and compression at ambient and elevated temperatures.
In total, the equipment Testing Center with modern control and measuring equipment as part of the investment program for 2010 — 2011 Year spent more than 80.5 million rubles.

Universal machines acquired under the modernization program, which is implemented by means of a financial partner factory JSC "Gazprombank".

Universal machine equipped with a load of 10 tons of furnace temperature reaches 1200 ° C wherein. Equipment is equipped with the software.
Control of mechanical properties — the basic and the most volumetric procedure for input and functional control of materials, which is carried out in the laboratories of the Testing Center of "Uralkhimmash." In an average month 800 produced tensile wide range of materials and welds. Recently, the number of tests has increased several times due to the increase in production and manufacturing of the equipment with the stringent requirements of control.
Installation of modern equipment for physical and mechanical tests — multipurpose machines, will quickly provide the operational control of the production of materials to date and to make tests that meet all the requirements of the Russian State Standards, ASME and other international standards.

Background: From 2009 Laboratory Testing Center are equipped with modern control equipment: was set pendulum hammer PH300 («Walter + Bai AG», Switzerland), is up and running multi-function generator "Thunderball" -250, running for metallographic sample preparation system Research («Buehler», Germany), which includes: automatic cut-off machine with automatic feeding, automatic and semi-automatic electro-hydraulic press grinding and polishing machine with microprocessor control. Purchased and uses modern flaw Isonic 2010 (Sonotron NDT, Israel). Over the past few months has been completely renovated park ultrasonic flaw — acquired ten flaw A1214 "Expert" (company "AKS"). In addition, the updated equipment for radiographic inspection: purchased and put into production a complex digital radiography "FOSFOMATIC", commissioned processing machines («Colenta Industrex», Austria) for automatic processing of X-ray film, X-ray machines ICM SITE-X from 3605 (Belgium) , Ekstravolt-350/4200 (Russia, Saint-Petersburg, JSC "Testron"). Also, specialists of non-destructive testing Testing Center is actively applied magnetic detector «Ferrotest GWX15» («Tiede GmbH», Germany).
All new equipment is fully compliant with the requirements of the tests for code ASME.

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