Tests bronemodulya SBA-60

100 years (figuratively speaking) as an article in Denis Mokrushina about the test module for the protection of our soldiers, but then for some reason it was not. However, these modules depends on the protection of our guys. For some it may be relatives, but for someone they bezizvestny. To thank someone comes much later how to Vyacheslav Lebedev, but this technique allows you to like him to carry out his tasks.


JSC "Corporation" protection "once again provides exclusive material for your blog twower about the trials of their armored vehicles.

Our company conducted a test of the armored unit designed to be mounted on truck chassis KAMAZ, URAL (serial model — SBA-60 on KAMAZ-5350 was presented at the Engineering Technologies — 2012).
At the landfill, the Ministry of Defence conducted a set of tests to evaluate the module:

1. Resistance against small arms bullets 6th class according to GOST R 50963

2. Resistance to detonation of explosives in the TE 6kg under the wheel

3. Resistance to detonation of explosives in the 6kg TE underneath
4. Resistance of high-explosive fragmentation projectile 152 mm at 2.5 m from the side of the module

5. Resistance from undermining 8 kg of explosives in the fuel cell underneath

The loads on the crew module were recorded with equipment that determines the overload on the chairs of the crew and sound pressure, as well as assess the state of the experimental animals (pigs and rabbits).
Test results: on all counts module complies with the safety requirements for the crew — the case has no internal injuries crew workload assessed as "minor injuries," do not impair its fighting capacity.

Measuring equipment: equipment used landfill Defense Ministry and our partner defense research and production enterprise.
Undermining made in accordance with the procedure landfill Defense Ministry.
The car is mounted on metal sleepers, the charge is placed in a special device simulates rocky ground, filled and compacted sand layer mask. The ground clearance when tested at undermining fully meet the performance.

My photo armored SBA-60, made at the show TVM-2012

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