Tests GLONASS to fight forest fires started in Moscow

Tests receivers GLONASS navigation system for mobile equipment that is used to fight forest fires, started on Tuesday in Shatursky near Moscow, RIA Novosti reported.

Deputy General Director of JSC "Scientific-Research Institute of Space Instrument" Alexander Chetirkin told reporters that the aim of the tests are to determine the reliability of the navigation system in an unstable connection, characteristic of dense forests, and the formation of the requirements for the equipment, which can later be installed on the mobile equipment FFA.

"Today begins the work associated with the introduction of GLONASS in the FFA," — said Chetirkin. He explained that the first phase of testing GLONASS receivers will be installed in 25 patrol cars Shatourskiy branch of Federal State Institution "Mosoblles." "These receivers are commercially produced for two years," — said the scientist.

He explained that the results of the tests, which will last 170 days, it will be understood what changes must be made in the design of receivers and software for them to use in the fight against forest fires.

The director Shatourskiy branch "Mosoblles" Alexei Filimonov in an interview with reporters said that the use of GLONASS equipment in the future will allow headquarters to fight forest fires to track the location of fire fighting equipment.

"This is particularly important for operational decision-making firefighting", — said Filimonov.

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