Tests of the new engine for the PAK FA are successful

 Photo source:vkontakte.ru

August 22. The engine for the promising aviation complex tactical aircraft (PAK FA) is at the stage of preliminary tests, which take place successfully.
ITAR-TASS news agency said the head of the program of creating an engine, General Designer SEC im.Lyulki (Moscow branch of "Saturn"), Yevhen Marchuk.

According Marchukova, made "more than 20 motors" for the PAK FA.

Particular attention is paid to the head of the program developed for the engine system of automatic control systems (ACS). "For the first time it will be built on the Russian element base. Architecture of the system, the algorithm of its management — Russian.

"The preliminary stage includes conducting bench and flight tests. This is both time-consuming in terms of time and money. Some of the elements of what is implemented in the planning of aircraft engines of the first stage (product 117) was borrowed from the developments to create 117S engine for the Su-35. In particular, methods of design and analysis, processing technology sophisticated design elements. In turn, the engine 117C for 80 percent. consists of new parts compared to the last time engines for modern fighters (AL-31F). The engine developed a novel system of automatic control. For the first time it will be built on the Russian element base. Architecture of the system, the algorithm of its management — also Russian. We want them to and the component was Russian, although we have a list of permits for the use of foreign bases, "- said the chief designer.

According Marchukova, produced "more than 20 motors" for the PAK FA. "Characteristics of the engine is fully confirmed by bench modes. By the end of this year, will assess the technical specifications for flight mode ", — he said. "By 2013 we should reach the performance of state tests," — said the chief designer.

Referring to media reports PAK FA rejected takeoff on the final day of the MAKS-2011, Marchukov said: "Aircraft engine — this is probably the most difficult in engineering terms the product. The cost of failure is very high both in financial costs, and from the point of view of national defense. Therefore, at the slightest deviation from the standard modes of operation of the engine test pilot must stop flight, which was done. While in previous days airshow engine worked great, and the T-50 performed all scheduled flights without any problems. Conducted by specialists of the analysis revealed an abnormality in the automation engine, which led to the surge. Inspections have shown that the motor is not damaged and the plane through the day will be ready to continue the flight test. "

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